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Family Trip to Costa Rica

Our Family Girls’ Getaway to Costa Rica was one of the Most Fabulous Vacations We’ve Been on Yet!

iguana-golf-course-forestThis time of year all the women in my family go on a trip together to Costa Rica. The guys have their hunting thing they do together, and we girls have our own fun. My mom, her two sisters, their daughters, I and my sister all plan a yearly vacation. We are an eclectic mix. Some of us like to do the whole spa thing, you know, spend the vacation relaxing, and some of us like the more adventurous stuff like climbing trees in the jungle, or taking a canopy tour over the jungle rivers and through the trees.

We like to find places that have adventurous and relaxing fun so that we can all do things that we’d like, and when we called HRG at the Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica, we found out that this was the perfect place to suit our individual needs.

Of course we like to do things together as well. Here are a few of the additional fun things we did this year:

  • Poas Volcano Tour – My cousin is thinking about becoming a volcanologist, so we had to go on both of the volcano tours. I’m really glad that we did because they were so amazing. What I liked about the Poas Volcano was learning that life can exist on top of one. The largest crater in the volcano is still active and as expected, it has a bubbling lake in the bottom of the crater. I was surprised to see the color, though. I have always imagined volcanoes to be red, like pictures I’ve seen of flowing, molten lava. This bubbling lake was green. It did smell like sulfur though. The second crater, called Laguna Botos, was the most surprising to me, because as I mentioned earlier, it supported wildlife! There was a cloud forest around it and lots of different species of hummingbirds. We walked the trails and took in the beautiful views.
  • Arenal Volcano Tour – Now this volcano captured the idea of what I thought a volcano should be. We got to visit in the evening around 8pm, and we could see humongous red-hot pieces of lava projected into the sky from its top. It was easy to see where the heat came from for the natural hot springs we were bathing in further down at the base of the volcano. What a night that was.
  • Tortuga Island Tour – HRG offers connection to the Tortuga Island Boating Tour. I felt like we were in a beach movie on this trip. We took a catamaran to the island and had live music on the beach. It was a real beach party. My aunt convinced us all to buy these big, floppy touristy sun hats and round dark sunglasses. We took a bunch of pictures that day of all of us relaxing on the beach. It was great!
  • Golf- My mom loves to golf. It has become one of her hobbies in the last few years, and all the way to Los Sueños, she was going on and on about the championship golf course that they have. We all knew that she was going to blow us all away with her years of practice, but we all had a great time out on the greens. We just took it slow and enjoyed the jungle, and its wild inhabitants, around the course. It was one of our more relaxing days.

Our girl’s getaway with HRG was such a success that we decided to go again next year. There was just too much to explore in the one week of vacation time we had. We can’t wait to go back!


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