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Costa Rica’s Feature Fishing Areas

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Sport Fishing is Plentiful in Costa Rican Waters with an Abundance of Feature Fishing Areas



The prime areas for sport fishing are some of Costa Rica’s main attractions.  The marine wildlife represents a rainbow of options to experience. From coastlines and coral reef dwellers to deep water ocean species, the fish vary in location, size, color and uniqueness. The amazing thing about the marine wildlife is that no matter what the time of year, you will always find many of the species available for great fishing.

The abundance and variety as well as the large size of most Costa Rican ocean species draw the most experienced anglers to the region. International sport fishing tournaments are held in a few choice locations in Costa Rica. Fishermen from all over the globe know that they will find a fight in the waters here worthy of their travel time. Sport fishing is a more humane type of fishing because for the most part, the fish are not eaten or kept out of the water for very long. They are put right back in to their natural habitat after the fishermen have had the fun of battling them and reeling them in.

The best places to fish, called the “feature fishing areas” are:

  • The ocean region reaching from the upper northwest corner of Costa Rica’s coastline at Salinas Bay to the Play Carrillo region about 240 miles south. In this area you will find a rich variety of fish to fight including the yellow fin tuna, the red snapper, the sailfish, the dorado fish, the swordfish, the marlin, the roosterfish, the tarpon and the snook.
  • Further south along the western coastline of Costa Rica near the party town of Jaco and further into the depths of the ocean you will find mackerel, dorado, red snapper, marlin, rooster fish, yellow fin tuna and sailfish.
  • At the southern tip of Costa Rica’s west coast you will find the wahoo, the snook, the roosterfish, the yellow fin tuna, the snapper, the dorado, the sailfish, the marlin, and the mackerel.
  • The eastern coastline of Costa Rica isn’t nearly as abundant as the western coastline when it comes to the variety of fish. In the ocean off the eastern coast between Limon and Cahuita at the southern tip of Costa Rica you will find dorado, mackerel and tarpon fish.
  • Just north along the eastern coastline is the last feature fishing area. Near the Tortuhuero area, the same three types of fish, the mackerel, tarpon, and dorado fish can be found.

Fish in the deeper ocean waters can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, a seemingly unrealistic number! On average fish in Costa Rica’s deeper waters weigh between 100 to 500 pounds. Still a very large catch! Roosterfish love to hide in among the coastal reefs as do many of the smaller species of fish.

Book a charter for the day or for a week for your sport fishing adventure. Many of the charter companies in Costa Rica boast captains with over 25 years of sport fishing experience. These captains hire themselves out to amateur and more experienced fishermen alike. If you are new to sport fishing, you will greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that these captains can share. Come to Costa Rica and visit some of the feature fishing areas and you will be bragging about your sport fishing experience for years to come!

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