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Costa Rica Transportation

You Don’t Have a Car in Costa Rica. Pura Vida; it’s Not  a Problem…

Golf Cart CoupleHaving a car in Costa Rica does provide residents and visitors with a great deal of autonomy when getting out and seeing the sights. However, cars are expensive to purchase, rent and ship, gas is pricey, and Costa Rican car regulations are strict.

If owning or renting a car in Costa Rica isn’t in your plans, you don’t need to worry. If you are willing to take things easy and go a little slower, getting around the country without a car is no problem at all.

By Bus

Getting around Costa Rica by bus is a surprisingly easy, if somewhat slow endeavor. The county boasts one of the best bus systems in Latin America. Buses run frequently, stops are abundant, and fares are very cheap. You can take a bus across town, or across the entire country, for less than $15. Bus drivers know Costa Rican landscape well, and are well-versed in navigating

Many bus companies run out of San Jose, although there is no central terminal.  Bus companies can be large, featuring formal prepaid ticket sales, or small, with little more than makeshift bus stop signs to denote their presence.

There are two types of bus travel – the colectiva and the directo. Directo buses cost more and are touted as having fewer stops, but this isn’t always the case.

Buses in Costa Rica are crowded, but unless they are exceptionally packed, they will always manage to squeeze you in one way or another.  Taking the bus can be a great way to see the countryside, without having to navigate unknown – and sometimes less-than-perfect streets by yourself.

By Taxi

Taxis are an affordable and convenient way to get around Costa Rica. They can be hailed at any time of day, they will go anywhere you would like to go, and they can be hired for a short trip, or for the whole day. Be sure to use only regulation taxis, which have red and yellow triangles on the door. These cabs are regulated, and they are required to use the meter.


Resorts, hotels and attractions often provide transportation to and from popular attractions. The Los Sueños Resort provides golf carts for visitors and residents often purchase them for their own personal use; golf carts can be used to easily get anywhere around the resort, including the golf course, restaurants, spas and beach club.

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