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Costa Rica: The New Blue Marlin Capital of the World

Late July Fishing Report

By Sharon Mora


Bubba Carter recently told me that Costa Rica is the new blue marlin capital of the world and when Captain Bubba Carter says something like that, people tend to listen. Capt. Carter has been fishing since he was 6 years old and doing so professionally since the age of 13. He has fished just about everywhere: Isla Mujeres in Mexico, St. Thomas, Caraballeda of Venezuela, Panama, Magdalena Bay, Cabo San Lucas Mexico and Australia. In fact, he got over 19,000 billfish with 11 over 1,000 pounds! Currently he holds six world records on fly.

Hoo´s Your Daddy has been catching yellow fin tuna, dorado, and whahoo, and on Tuesday the 23rd of July, they caught 7 wahoo, 1 blue Marlin, 7 sailfish and 1 yellow fin tuna.

I got a report from Alexis Chamorro owner of XTA-Sea that this past July 20 and July 21 they went out fishing from Golfito with his angler friends Julio Chamorro and Emilio Munkel as well as with captain John Lagrone; they released 17 Blue Marlin over those two days of fishing.

Michael Alligood has been catching mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna and sailfish; also he went out with other captains on July 20 to do some free-dive spear fishing. They saw lots of tuna throughout the day and boated 4 nice yellow fins; also this past Monday on July 22 Real Intense Adventures caught 1 sailfish and 1 blue marlin. They also reported seeing whales and dolphins.

Ol´d Reliable had 43 bites and caught 18 Marlin on fly in one day of fishing!!!!!!!

Bubba Carter went out offshore 140 miles from Los Sueños Marina this past weekend for 3 days on board of the South Paw and they raised 37 blue marlin; they got 27 bites and caught 17 blue marlin. The crew that went fishing was Captain Ronaldo Gonzales, Tom Witcher, Richard Chellemi, and Bob Degabriel, who is the owner.



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