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Costa Rica Summer

Summer Vacation in Costa Rica

BStudying is hard work, and Costa Rica offers the perfect summer reward. This is a fantastic option to learn something new just for fun, to enjoy great weather and have some new adventures. Here are some ideas that are perfect for your summer break in Costa Rica.

Learn to Surf

The waves in Costa Rica are legendary, and there are surfing options for every skill level. If you would like to learn how to surf this summer, your best bet is Jaco Beach. Just minutes from the Los Sueños Resort, Jaco has waves big enough to truly surf, but gentle enough for beginners. There are a number of surf schools and private instructors available for lessons. Many of the instructors are world-class surfers themselves. Jaco is a lively, yet laid-back beach town, and once you’re done surfing for the day you can enjoy restaurants, night life, and mingling with locals and other travelers.

Once you’ve mastered the basics – perhaps by the end of the summer — you can move over to Hermosa Beach. The waves are choppier and the surfing is more thrilling – plus, you will get to hang out with some hard-core surfers and browse some great surf shops. You may just want to come back every year.

Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is way better than learning it in a stuffy classroom. There are two basic ways you can learn the native language here: hang out with the locals and see what you can pick up, or take Spanish classes. There are Spanish language courses offered all over Costa Rica, with 9 located in San Jose alone. If you’d like to study by the beach – perhaps in between surfing lessons – the Don Quijote Spanish School in Jaco Beach, just outside of Los Sueños Resort, offers private lessons, an outdoor classroom, a tropical garden, free internet access for students, a kitchen area, and a swimming pool.

See the Sights

If you would like to learn about Costa Rica by exploring the countryside, there are plenty of ways to do so. In the Los Sueños area alone you can visit turtle nesting sites, go crocodile watching, head out for a wildlife tour, or visit a national park.

Of course, if you’d just like to have a great adventure, there are options for that, too. Head out on a horseback ride through the mountains, go ATVing on the beach, hunt for big game fish on the open water, try out canyoning, or soar through the rainforest canopy on a zipline. In Costa Rica, there are hundreds of ways to truly make your summer count.

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