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Costa Rica a Short Flight Away

Moving to Costa Rica – Living Abroad Yet Still Close to Home

Airplane in the sky at sunsetThere are many wonderful benefits to relocating to Costa Rica – the warm air, the exquisite landscape and the exciting activities, to name a few – but something that many people don’t consider is the country’s proximity to the United States. Costa Rica is a just a 4 to 6 hour flight from many places in the U.S. and there are flights departing daily from many major US airport hubs.

There are several reasons a close location to the U.S. make Costa Rica a great choice for a move, including:

Fewer travel expenses and hassles. Living abroad in Europe or Asia may be exciting, but traveling back and forth can become very pricey, and very time-consuming. Many people end up underestimating the cost and effort involved, and find in the end that they’re not able to make nearly as many trips back to the United States as they might like. Relatively speaking, traveling back and forth to Costa Rica is a much easier and lower-cost endeavor, and you will have more freedom to come and go.

More company. The same cost, time and effort issues that make travel back and forth difficult for expatriates in Europe or Asia also plague their friends and family. Moving to a closer location like Costa Rica will allow you to enjoy the company of the people you care about more often, and they will get the privilege of spending time in a luxurious tropical paradise.

Ease of transition. Another factor that prospective expatriates underestimate is homesickness. Costa Rica may not be far away, but it is a very different culture and a very different place, and you very well may find yourself in need of some adjustment to your new life. Believe it or not, knowing that you can visit the United States quickly and affordably, and that you won’t have to miss out on significant family events, can make the transition much easier.

Easier access to your favorite things. Costa Rica has a wealth of fascinating things to explore and treasures to collect. But it doesn’t always have the creature comforts you are used to readily available. Being able to travel more freely back and forth to the United States ensures that you can keep well-stocked in any specific items you cannot live without, whether it’s a specific pack of gum or a much-needed electronics upgrade. What’s more, if you have larger items like furniture that you aren’t willing to part with, it is much more affordable and reasonable to ship them to Costa Rica than it is to ship them halfway around the world.

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