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Costa Rica Plastic Surgery

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Recovery in Los Sueños: My Costa Rica Medical Vacation

Guest Post by  Gina R.

My recent trip to Costa Rica for plastic surgery, and subsequent recovery stay in the Los Sueños Resort was more like a luxury vacation than a medical vacation.

I live in the United States, but some of my friends have had surgery in Costa Rica, and they highly recommended I do the same when I decided to go for a facelift and tummy tuck. Not only are the skills of the plastic surgeons in Costa Rica top shelf, they also work with wonderful, English-speaking, private nurses, who can take care of you for the first two weeks after surgery, if needed.

My friends loved their recovery experience at the Los Sueños Resort and Marina. In fact they told me that it was a very beneficial part of the process. The resort is a retreat that my doctor’s patients go to in order to heal in a place that provides sunny respite, fresh food, and an overall uplifting atmosphere. I have never heard of this type of thing in the US, and I was grateful that my doctor integrated this concept into the healing process.

During the weeks that preceded my procedure, the doctor’s office provided me with all the information I would need about traveling to Costa Rica, my stay in San Jose before surgery, what I should bring and the contact information for HRG Vacations book my vacation condo and stay in Los Sueños Resort.

HRG arranged for my transportation from San Jose to the resort, stocked the refrigerator and arranged for a chef to come in and prepare two meals per day.

When you have had plastic surgery, or any surgery for that matter, you have undergone a serious procedure, and may not fully grasp how crucial compassionate caring and relaxation are to the healing process.

With a private nurse at my side, I headed for Los Sueños Resort the day following surgery and began my two week healing process, during which time I returned to San Jose periodically for a checkup with the doctor; given the close distance to San Jose from the resort, it was the perfect arrangement.

Los Sueños Resort was the perfect space for recovery. Quiet and peaceful, I was able to lounge in the shade near the pool, watch the birds and iguanas as they flitted around in the forest, and gaze out at the ocean as the tide came in. Toward the end of my recovery, I even went on a sedate river tour and saw the crocodiles in the wild.  I am excited to get back to Costa Rica when I can really have some fun and do some adventurous exploring.

When the two weeks were up, I was sad to leave. My “medical tourism” trip to Costa Rica left nothing to be desired and the team at HRG was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better plastic surgery and recovery experience.


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