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Costa Rica Expat Series- Part 1


Costa Rica is a Great Place for Expatriate Living


Costa Rica, often touted as the happiest country on the planet, is a great choice of would-be expatriates who are looking for a place to retire, or simply create a new chapter in life.


Close to the United States with directly fights from most major hubs, the convenience and relative closeness of Costa Rica to friends, family and business back home makes it a prime choice for many who are seeking to live abroad.


Those who are looking to move to Costa Rica, however, often have a good number of questions as there is much to do in preparation for such a big move.


HRG Properties and Rentals has been working with expats for nearly ten years and we understand what it takes to move to Costa Rica, buy real estate in Costa Rica and live as an expatriate in Central America.


Expatriate living is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy a bit of adventure and are excited to explore new cultures and countries, it can be a treasure trove of experience, wonder and joy.


In addition to that, many find that expat living grants them opportunities they could never afford in the United States. For example, those with small children often find that they are able to provide private education or a live-in nanny; luxuries that are many times cost prohibitive in the U.S. Likewise, retirees typically learn quickly that their pension funds stretch much further in Latin America than it ever would up North.


Expat living- in any country- is a fantastic way to move forward in your next chapter in life, but without the right preparation it can present obstacles that could easily make you miserable.


Before you make the move, you’ll want to plan well in advance; learn as much as you can about Costa Rica, how to navigate life here and what to expect.


Whether you’re at retirement age or just out of college and seeking adventure, the ins and outs of moving to Costa Rica are easily traversed with the right information at hand.


Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing advice on dealing with culture shock, language barriers, and more. Residency, banking, moving logistics, investing, schools, shopping and community; all these topics and more will be addressed during the coming weeks in our Expat Living in Costa Rica series. Stay tuned and visit us on Facebook- be sure to tell us about your plans to move to Costa Rica, or your experiences while living here.

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