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Costa Rica Expat Community

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Costa Rica is a Great Place for Expatriate Living

In recent years, Costa Rica has earned a reputation as an ideal place for expatriates to relocate, and for good reason.  The first and most obvious benefit to life in Costa Rica is the fact that it’s a tropical paradise. From stunning tropical landscapes, to breezy, tranquil beaches, to majestic mountain scenes, expatriates would be hard-pressed to find somewhere more beautiful to live. Then there are the benefits of year-round warm weather, a laid-back vibe, and friendly locals.

On a more practical note, Costa Rica has low taxes, a low cost of living, business-friendly laws, and a rising real estate market. It’s no wonder that so many people from other countries seek to make Costa Rica their permanent or semi-permanent home.

As a result of the many benefits of living in Costa Rica, a large expatriate community has developed within the country. Currently, there are more than 50,000 Americans and over 15,000 Canadians living in Costa Rica.

The interesting thing about Costa Rica’s expatriate community is that it has become a benefit of living in the country in and of itself.

Moving to a new country and immersing yourself in a foreign culture is never easy, but the transition goes much more smoothly if you are among friends – people who speak your language, understand your culture and have struggled with some of the same difficulties you have.

Whether you are just tossing the idea of relocating to Costa Rica around or you are already in the planning stages of a move, finding expatriate forums and groups online can be a great first start to your new life. There are no better people to learn from than those who have been on your same journey. Current expatriates can tell you what to expect and give you details you cannot easily get anywhere, from helping you find the right home, to helping you decide how to ship your items, to cluing you in on what you can expect from day-to-day life.

A broad expatriate community gives you access to help you may not otherwise have had, in ways you might not have imagined. They can guide you to the best beaches, help you find obscure American products, advise you of subtle cultural differences you are bound to encounter and point you to the best grocery stores and restaurants.

The benefits of networking with a great number of expatriates cannot be undersold. From gaining savvy business advice, to obtaining client leads, to finding skilled employees or uncovering investment opportunities, there is a wealth of advantages to be gained by connecting with other Americans who live and run businesses out of Costa Rica.

Finally, an expatriate community offers a sense of camaraderie. The locals in Costa Rica are warm, friendly, hospitable, and always ready to help, but finding people who share your own culture can be that little extra something that makes life in Costa Rica truly feel like home.



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