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Costa Rica Emergency Health Care

A Great Experience With the Costa Rica ER and Health Care System

Made My Vacation-Bummer Bearable

Guest post by Susanne Z.

The one bright spot about ending up in the emergency room on vacation is the great service you get from Costa Rica healthcare providers I didn’t expect to end up in an emergency room, but when I did, I was amazed at the hospitality and fast, efficient service that I got.

My husband, my daughter, and I had come to Costa Rica for a family vacation with my extended family. We all shared the cost of a one week vacation rental of a place called Casa Tropical. It’s part of the Eco Golf Estate community on the Los Sueños Resort. We rented it through a real estate group called HRG. I loved the helpful service we got when we called HRG and I couldn’t wait to see the amazingly beautiful 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath villa in person. I’d only looked at the pictures of it online. I was really excited. I am a water person, and the house includes its own heated in ground pool and outdoor spa! With the pool, the spa, and the ocean, what more could I ask for?

When we got to the resort, the house was all that we had imagined and more. We stood, breathing in the freshness after a short afternoon rain, in awe of the rainforest foliage just off the back verandas and decks off the rental home. I was impressed with HRG and the really cool place that they were renting to us.

You’re probably wondering how in the world I ended up in the emergency room.  It was just a clumsy accident. I was doing something I wouldn’t have been if I’d only listened to that old cliché’ my mother used to tell me as a kid, “don’t run with sharp objects”.

I was carrying a big stick, pretending I was a native on the beach. My kid and I have a great time imagining together. So, I was running after her, pretending I was a cannibal, and carrying the stick. I tripped over my own feet, and went down. The stick ended up gouging me pretty good under the arm. I needed 8 stitches. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. I won’t be running with sharp objects anymore. I don’t think my daughter will be either. She came running to me, yelling for my husband. He took off his t-shirt and wrapped my arm in it before going to call for help.

He called HRG, our vacation rental company, to find out where the nearest hospital was. They were very helpful and reassured us that they would help in any way that they could. It turns out that there is a clinic right there in Los Sueños. It’s called Clinica Biblica and it’s a branch of a state-of-the-art hospital in San Jose. The clinic handles all sorts of medical problems including emergencies like mine. So in just minutes, we were getting my arm taken care of. Although I was embarrassed that I’d been so silly, I was glad that we’d found such a caring, efficient place to get my arm taken care of. Soon, I was back out on the beach playing with my kid again; this time without a stick. HRG even left us flowers with a Get Better Soon note on the table.


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