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Costa Rica and Traveling with Teens

Ideas For Traveling With Teens On A Family Vacation In Costa Rica

Being in Costa Rica with your teens is certainly different from the time you might have spent there for your honeymoon. Nonetheless, enjoying your kids can be a lot of fun, especially when you take the time to plan out exciting activities that revolve around them. Check out these tips for having a great and stress free adventure while traveling with teens in Costa Rico.

Vacation Travel Means Spending Time With Your Kids

The family that rents a luxury condo or villa in the Los Sueños Resort & Marina has a lot to look forward to. No one in the family ever has to worry about being bored while staying at the resort. Parents should keep in mind that condos come fully equipped with everything you need for feeling right at home, including microwaves and large screen televisions. Popping corn and watching good movies together can be a good way to spend time with your teens on those nights it might be too blustery or rainy outdoors. With a fully equipped kitchen in every condo, families can spend an evening cooking and having a special dinner together as well.

Water Sport Fun Is Always Great For Teens

Lots of activities are available for teens that want to get away from mom and dad for a while. The great aspect of these activities is they are safe and parents do not have to worry about their kids while they are enjoying their time out. Kids will love swimming and hitting the coast. Swimming at the pool can enhance the day of water fun. If you own a boat, you might think about the fun you could have with the kids fishing and picnicking on the open waters. The Marina at the Resort offers 200 wet slips, enough for you have a boat stocked and ready for a day out with your the kids.

Fairway Thieves

The teen that enjoys golf can certainly have a great time on the 18 hole course at the Resort. Enjoying a good game alongside monkeys and three toed sloths can be even more exciting. Many animals make an appearance at the golf course, enough that many golf caddies are also prolific animal guides as well. Nothing could make a game more challenging and interesting than playing on a fairway that would allow a monkey to grab your ball and run with it. Teens can especially enjoy the cool golf course at the Los Sueños Resort.

Hiking Through The Rainforest

No visit to Costa Rica would be complete without a hike through the rainforest, especially when it comes to having teens with you that are full of boundless energy. Reserving tours can be done easily online and can be done after you arrive at your condo at the Resort. Exploring the rainforest or seeing an active volcano can be part of the tour you select. Many activities like rafting, fishing, extensive hiking and horseback riding are included in some tours. Learn more by discovering the kind of tours you and your teen would enjoy. Spending time together planning a day tour would also be great fun as well.

Spending a whole season in your own condo in a tropical paradise can be the best way to spend time with your family. Being able to enjoy one another is easier and more beneficial when you have a lot to look forward to together. Check out the condos you can rent in Costa Rica at the Los Sueños Resort & Marina by contacting the professionals at Los Sueños vacation rentals.

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