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5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica During Green Season

rainy beach Costa Rica

5 Reasons why green season may be the best season to visit Costa Rica

Because Costa Rica is warm and green year-round, many people assume that it has one long, single season – summer. The fact is, while the country’s proximity to the equator keeps the temperature stable and warm, there are two distinct seasons that dramatically change the weather and – in some cases – the landscape. The dry season, which lasts from mid-November through May, brings dry weather, continuous sunshine and some of the most pleasant temperatures to Costa Rica. The wet season, which lasts from May through November, brings heavy rains, warm temperatures and humidity- though more often than not, it is sunny at least half of the day, if not during all daylight hours, with the rain coming only at night. The dry season is the most popular season for tourists, and with good reason. The skies are clear, the weather is beautiful, and people can enjoy the outdoors from dawn ‘til dusk. This is when the country’s most colorful festivals take place, and when hotels and restaurants swell with visitors. It is easy, on the surface, to say that the dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica. However, there are many reasons why the wet season can be an even better time to make the trip. Here are just five great reasons to visit Costa Rica during green season: Fewer Crowds In some coastal areas during the green season, hotels are sparsely populated, restaurants are nearly empty, national parks are uncrowded, and beaches are secluded and quiet. If your idea of a good time is having some private time to relax, this is the time to visit. Less Expensive Vacation condos and vacation villa rentals, tours and activities, car rentals, restaurants, and shops are more expensive during the high season. As the season winds down, so do rates and prices. Come during the wet season, and you’ll have many places competing for your business, which can mean great deals for you. You may also find yourself with some great bargaining power. Beautiful Scenery Costa Rica may be green all year, but everything truly comes alive during the wet season. The landscape is transformed, and brilliant flora and fauna makes an appearance in even the driest regions. Exciting Activities Swelling rivers, rising ocean swells, and clear seas make the wet season a perfect time for whitewater rafting, surfing the Pacific, and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Unique Wildlife-Watching The rainy season is the best time to catch one of Costa Rica’s most endearing sights – nesting sea turtles, patiently digging out nests, and baby turtles, bravely headed out to sea. The green season does see rain almost daily, so outdoor activities should be planned for morning and early afternoon. Roads frequently get washed out, so travel can become difficult if you don’t have a 4-wheel vehicle. However, if you can brave the elements you’ll have an adventure that’s decidedly more rugged and exciting, and see a side of Costa Rica that few others can lay claim to. Green season can be the best time of year to visit Costa Rica; better hurry though! Green season is nearly half way over! Book now to take advantage of this great time of year for a visit to Costa Rica.

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Captain Dana Thomas talks to us about the fishing activity during June


“Floating logs, current lines, anywhere fish are concentrated, anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins per day”

 Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is considered one of the best destinations for fishing in the world. Captain Dana Thomas, owner-operator of Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat, talks to us about June’s fishing activity. Although he was not taking on too many trips due to some boat renovations, he tells us about the overall action.


He describes the seamount trips being great during the offseason, having excellent reports from other boats with double digit catches per day on blue and stripe marlin, yellow fin tuna and a few sailfish.   “Eight sailfish, a couple of marlin, some tuna and dorado on my last few trips”  He describes that the best location for excellent fishing grounds is finding floating logs, current lines, debris, and anywhere small fish are concentrated. Anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins, about 15 mahi mahi, and several yellow fin tunas per day. He says that the tuna has been steady this year where most days you are able to catch several of them; making a great year for tunas.

Expectations for July

Captain Dana predicts that the mahi mahi, also known as dolphin fish or dorado, will be filling in. With an increase on mahi and yellow fin tuna, the marlin are expected to follow, increasing the number of catch and release for blue and stripe marlin as well.  capt. Dana pic 1

Captain Dana to the left.  

Located off the Los Sueños Marina, Herradura, the Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat is a recognized 36ft Topaz Express. Usually leaving the dock at 7am, this open style vessel has A/C on the lower part of the boat and has the capacity to comfortably carry up to six anglers. Captain Dana and his operation are focused on giving high level customer service and a memorable fishing experience. You can special request food, drinks, and anything else you need to make your trip unforgettable! On a full day charter, the trip includes food, snacks, drinks, tackle, bait and all the of fishing equipment you need! They accommodate to all client-needs, they also offer half trip, trip to Tortuga Island and snorkeling. You can mix up your day and make the most of it!


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Big Companies Choose Costa Rica, and Why You Should Too

call Center CR

Choose Costa Rica for your next business venture; you’ll be glad you did

More and more people are choosing to buy property, invest, open a business, and live in Costa Rica. The reasons are endless, but just to name a few: Costa Rica is known for its business-friendly investment regulations, abundant nature, beauty and wildlife, tourism industry, conservation and sustainability, a prospering economy, its conveniently close proximity to the States and Canada, and a highly educated, and computer literate, work force.

Many countries restrict foreign business investment as a way of protecting their national business and industry. Special tax breaks are given to local commerce and roadblocks are thrown in the way of foreign investors. Costa Rica, however, takes a positive attitude toward foreign investment. Outside money is encouraged as a way to spur development.

Nonetheless, labor laws and wage minimums are strictly enforced, giving the average Costa Rican employee enough income so that the local economy can flourish.

The end result is that Costa Rica is one of the most business friendly countries in Latin America. Foreign investment and foreign entrepreneurs are welcome.

One obvious result has been the relocation of several high-tech corporations to take advantage of Costa Rica’s educated and computer literate work force. This business-friendly climate has earned Costa Rica the reputation as Central America’s “Silicone Valley.”

Among big businesses that have chosen to set up shop here are the following (to name just a few):


  • Gray Line
  • Hewlett- Packard
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Intel Corporation
  • SC Johnson
  • Poker Stars
  • Microsoft
  • Nextel/Sprint
  • FedEx
  • Bank of America
  • Sykes
  • Uber
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Experian Marketing Services


Any investment that promotes tourism, creates jobs, and does not harm the environment is considered welcome.

To attract desirable businesses, Costa Rica offers generous incentives and tax breaks. Depending on the enterprise, there can be a twelve-year exemption from income taxes as well as waivers on import duties. When ecology is concerned, particularly projects involving reforestation, tax exemptions can be forever.

When it comes to choosing a country to retirement or just your next chapter in life, you can’t go wrong with Costa Rica. To learn more about the ins and outs of opening a company in this beautiful country, you can visit The World Bank’s “Doing Business” page on opening a company in Costa Rica.

To learn more about buying property in Costa Rica, you can reach out to our friendly real estate team here at HRG Properties and Rentals.

For more information on real estate investment, land or hotel properties please visit our Costa Rica Land & Hotel Advisors site.








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Costa Rica’s Los Sueños is Perfect for a Long Holiday Weekend

Summer Holiday Costa Rica

When you just have 3 or 4 days to escape, Los Sueños Costa Rica is the answer to a great mini-vacation

As we roll into summer, we’ve got a number of long holiday weekends on the horizon, and there is no better place than Costa Rica to get away for a quick escape.

Given Costa Rica’s close proximity to the United States and the increasingly convenient number of short, direct flights from major International airports up north, it’s easier than ever to just pack a small bag and head for paradise.

Three Holidays that will give you the perfect excuse for a mini- vacation in Costa Rica

Memorial Day in Costa Rica

Coming up in just 2 weeks, Memorial Day 2017 falls on Monday the 29th of May. You and the family (or just you and your main squeeze) can grab a quick flight into Juan Santamaria from any number of major hubs in the States and be settled in with a cold drink in hand, watching the sunset from the balcony of your luxury condo by the day’s end, as Los Sueños is but an hour’s drive down.

Independence Day in Costa Rica

Who says you have to celebrate the 4th in the States to be patriotic? Join hundreds of ex-pats as we watch the fireworks and enjoy a celebratory barbecue near the Marina in Los Sueños Resort. With much fun and activity on the agenda, Los Sueños is a great place to spend Independence Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year, making it a lovely 4-day long weekend.

Best of all??

HRG is offering a great deal! Stay 4 nights and pay for only 3!

Labor Day in Costa Rica

Finally, one last escape awaits you at the end of summer.  Labor Day, which always lands on a Monday, makes for a fantastic, final, long weekend summer hoorah. September 4th is the big day this year, so why not start planning now; it’s the perfect way to end a perfect summer, making warm weather goodbyes just a little less painful.

With Memorial Day fast approaching and the 4th of July right on its tail, you might as well start planning those getaways now. Reach out today and let our team help you put together the perfect holiday weekend.

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Superbowl Sunday, a Golf Tournament by night, and Los Sueños Costa Rica

Golf Ball near hole Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

A Golf Tournament by Night + Superbowl Sunday in Los Sueños, Costa Rica; it just doesn’t get much better then this!

A golf trip in Costa Rica can provide everything you need to get away from it all – a few nights far from home, a relaxing, leisurely game where you and your buddies can catch up and unwind, and definitely a day of sport fishing. Top all that off with great food and wonderful amenities, and you’ve got yourself a golf trip to remember. Imagine, though, combining all that with the Superbowl this February 4, 2017. That’s right, you can enjoy Superbowl LI 2017 via the big screen from the comfort of your luxury vacation villa or condo in Los Sueños Resort, right after a long day of superb golfing. Of course, we don’t know who’s going to the bowl yet, but they’ll be playing in Texas, and you can watch them from Costa Rica.   The 15th edition of the La Iguana Invitational is open, by invitation only, to La Iguana Golf Course Los Sueños Marriott Members, residents and owners in Los Sueños Resort, boat owners with slips in the marina, and professional golfers from around the country. The tournament will be held on Superbowl Sunday, February 4, 2017 at 11:00am and going on through the night. A different experience, you will be golfing with neon balls at night. For more information about joining the tournament, you can contact the La Iguana Golf Course directly.   Los Sueños Resort is the perfect place for a golf trip. Not only does the Los Sueños Resort offer beautiful vacation condos and villas with fantastic amenities, it also has a first-class golf course that makes for a worthy game. The La Iguana Golf Course is a naturally challenging, 18-hole championship golf course designed by Ted Robinson. And, as if that were not enough, the course is set in paradise. La Iguana backs up to the rainforest, and also features spectacular ocean views. So what does a jungle golf course mean for your golfing experience? It means that the rainforest is part of the course itself. This is not a walk on a hilly barren green – this is an exotic place, with brightly colored flowers and lush green tropical plants. This is a place where a monkey just might steal your golf ball, and you may see a macaw peering down at you from a banana tree as you tee up for a hole. A place where you can experience the rainforest as you play against a seaside backdrop. The La Iguana course is deceptively challenging. Fortunately, there are PGA-qualified golf professionals on hand to help you, and you’ll have access to state-of-the-art golfing equipment and a huge putting green and driving range. And what is a golf game without a solid challenge, anyway? HRG Vacations offers great golfing packages, which include a stay in a luxury condo, unlimited golfing for two days, and airport transfers. The rates are reasonable, and the golfing is great year around, so of course you can come any time, but we do recommend making a Superbowl weekend out of it. For those times when you’re not on the course, there is plenty to do. Whether you want to hit the spa for a deep tissue massage or head out for a zip lining adventure, an ATV trek through the mountainside, or try your hand on a sport fishing trip, you can do it all in or near Los Sueños Resort and Marina. If you get hungry after a long day of golfing, Los Sueños offers 12 restaurants, all of which will cater to your door should you feel like staying in. There are also lots of great restaurants nearby where you can get some great local cuisine. And if you’re looking for something to after-hours, the breezy beach town of Jaco – known for its great night life — is just a few minutes away. Why not plan a long weekend at Los Sueños Resort and join in the golf tournament to boot? Call today to make your reservations; it could be the best boy’s weekend away you’ve had in a while.

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Costa Rica’s National Parks

Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica

Costa Rica is abundant with national parks and preserves

Costa Rica is the proud home of twenty-seven national parks, 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 15 wetland areas/mangroves, 11 forest reserves and 8 biological reserves, plus 12 other conservation regions protect the distinctive and diverse natural habitats. Nearly 5% of global flora and fauna, representing 12 life zones, live in an area about the size of West Virginia. The six national parks below capture some of Costa Rica’s amazing biodiversity and all are within a few hours’ drive of Los Sueños Resort and Marina.


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in northern Puntarenas province sits on the Continental Divide, where mist produced by the high humidity at elevations of up to 5,200 feet collected on the branches of the tallest trees, supports a stunning range of biodiversity. Extending across eight distinct biological zones, the reserve is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. There are several ways to explore the reserve, on foot or exploring the canopy via skywalk or zipline. Well-maintained trails vary in difficulty from easy to moderate, and with thick moss covering nearly all surfaces, sturdy hiking boots are necessary.



Corcovado National Park, on the Osa Peninsula, preserves the largest primary tropical rainforest on the American Pacific coast. Its remote location has helped preserve it as habitat for many endangered plant and animal species, even as the park’s popularity as an ecotourism destination grows. Scarlet macaws, resplendent quetzals, red-eyed tree frogs and tapirs are among the hundreds of species that inhabit the park’s 13 ecosystems. A certified professional guide must accompany all visitors.


Arenal Volcano within Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the most recognized in Costa Rica. The conservation area (290 square miles) encompasses eight of the 12 life zones in Costa Rica. Hiking, boating, cycling, bird watching and natural hot springs add to the volcano’s steady geothermal display. Birdwatchers especially should pay a visit; most of Costa Rica’s 850 bird species can be found here.

Piedras Blancas National Park, formerly part of Corcovado, helps protect the last remaining lowland tropical rainforest on the Golfo Dulce. In addition, Piedras Blancas is one of the few jaguar habitats in Costa Rica. Bordering Golfito National Wildlife Refuge, Piedras Blancas and Corcovado create and protect an important ecologically diverse biological corridor in the Golfo Dulce. Many rate Piedras Blancas as a premier bird watching park because many birds from throughout the Americas gather.


Los Quetzales National Park encompasses 3 rainforests and 14 ecosystems along the Cordillera de Talamanca. Reaching altitudes of nearly 10,000 feet, the mountains provide a stunning backdrop for the park to rival its colorful namesakes. Here, brightly colored, long-tailed green and red quetzals are plentiful, belying their nearly mythological rarity. Other avian residents include the colibri, with its cone-shaped nests and hummingbirds. Squirrel monkeys, sloths, jaguars and pumas are also plentiful within the park.


Santa Rosa National Park, founded in 1972, is part of the Guanacaste Conservation area that protects a great deal of the last tropical dry forest in the world. Ten distinctive habitats, deciduous forests, littoral woodlands, evergreen forests, mangroves, marshlands and savannahs, can be found within park boundaries. Lush in the green season, the park becomes a topical dry forest in the dry season with well-marked trails. Playa Naranjo and Playa Nancite are two of several stunning beaches. Playa Nancite is an olive ridley turtle nesting site, while Witches Rock at Playa Naranjo offers some of the best surfing in the world.

Manuel Antonio National Park, on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, encompasses rugged rainforest, white-sand beaches and coral reefs. It’s renowned for its vast diversity of tropical plants and wildlife, from three-toed sloths and endangered white-faced capuchin monkeys to hundreds of bird species. The park’s roughly 680 hectares are crossed with hiking trails, which meander from the coast up into the mountains.


For such a small country, Costa Rica leads the world in environmental conservation, in land, species and government programs. HRG’s dedicated concierge team can help you arrange a visit to any of the parks on our list or help you choose from the many choices available to you. They’ll take care of all the details, from door-to-door.

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Surfing Costa Rica – What You Need to Know

surfing costa rica

Costa Rica is One of the World’s Hottest Surfing Destinations

Surfer-Mal_PaisCosta Rica is a mecca for surfers around the world – and for good reason. The country features over 800 miles of coastline, with beaches on both its Pacific and Caribbean sides. Its prime location provides multiple surfing sweet spots for those of every age and ability.

Starting Out

Even if you have never set foot on a surfboard, you can still have a fantastic surfing experience in Costa Rica. Most commercial surfing spots offer lessons and camps, one of the best being Jaco Beach, right next door to Los Sueños Resort & Marina. In Jaco, you will find a number of qualified trainers, many of whom are champion surfers themselves. You will also find tame waves that are perfect for just starting out.


Tamarindo, which is also located in Guanacaste, is one of Costa Rica’s top surfing and party destinations. So if you are looking to surf and have a great time out on the town, this is the place. Tamarindo is great place for beginning surfers, as it the ocean has a sandy bottom (meaning a softer place to land) and smaller waves. If you would like to try out your skills somewhere quiet and low-key, the El Parqueo section of Playa Avellanas, which is close by Tamarindo, is an uncrowded stretch of beach with only a few bungalows and a single restaurant to speak of. El Parqueo’s sandy shore and long smooth waves make it ideal for beginners. Playa El Carmen in southern Nicoya, just next to Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, has few crowds, and its sandy bottom and calm waves are perfect for beginners.


The Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area of Guanacaste is known for its consistent waves and great weather. While beginners can find some moderate beach-break spots, the reefs, rocks and wave heights make this area a good challenge for those with some degree of experience.

You can also get two different travel experiences – Mal Pais is a small, laid-back surfing village, while Santa Teresa features plenty dining and night life. Both are just a quick boat ride away from Los Sueños Resort & Marina.

Located adjacent to Jaco, just 15 minutes down the road from Los Sueños Resort, Playa Hermosa is a very long, white sand beach that is almost never crowded. This is a laid-back spot dedicated to the surfing lifestyle, and the beach is lined with numerous surf shops and surf camps. Playa Hermosa’s big waves and numerous breaks appeal to intermediate surfers, although under certain conditions the swells are better left to experts.

Experts Surf_Santa_Teresa_Costa_Rica

There are a number of spots for experienced surfers to challenge themselves on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. One of the best is the “Little Hawaii” section of Playa Avellanos, a break which offers big, Hawaii-style waves that are definitely for experts only.

The tempestuous waves of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast offer some of the world’s most adventurous surfing, and Puerto Viejo is one of the most alluring surf spots for experienced thrill-seekers. It is home to Salsa Brava, Costa Rica’s heaviest and wildest wave, which only a brave few have conquered.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica’s most challenging surfing spot of all may be Witch’s Rock, located off of Guanacaste’s Playa Naranjo beach, in Santa Rosa National Park. Other than some nearby campsites, there are no accommodations here. If you can brave the flight or drive out to Playa Naranjo, the sailboat ride out to Witch’s Rock, and the sharks and saltwater crocodiles in the ocean, you are tougher than most, and if you can master the powerful waves, you are in the company of a select group of hard-core surfing enthusiasts.

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5 Amenities You Didn’t Know Los Sueños, Costa Rica Resort Offered


Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica Offers an Array of World Class Amenities – And You Might be Surprised by Some of Them

Los Sueños is well-known for its 5-star accommodations, its excellent restaurants, and its beautiful natural surroundings. The 18 hole championship golf course and 200 slip marina are, of course, also a given.

You may not have been aware, however, that the resort offers a multitude of other amenities that are not expected. Here are five perks that you may not have known existed, but that Los Sueños offers and HRG is happy to set you up with:

In-Home Massages in addition to the choice of (2!) world-class day spas


Los Sueños offers two first-class spas, where you can relax your cares away with a massage. However, what many guests don’t know is that if you prefer to stay in, the pampering can come to you.  Upon your request, your concierge at HRG will send a massage therapist to your residence for a private in-house massage – the perfect way to unwind.

Personal Chef

Maybe you are up for some incredible cuisine, but you are not up for heading out. Or, maybe you would like to host a fantastic meal for your friends, family or significant other at home with the catch from your epic day of sport fishing. Whatever your reason, HRG can provide you with your own personal chef – a highly-trained professional who can create fantastic meals of your choice in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Fully-Stocked Fridge

The properties in Los Sueños Resort are equipped with large, American-style kitchens that feature high-end appliances. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, and you are looking forward to spending your vacation whipping up great delicacies for friends and family, HRG can help. Upon request, the team at HRG can ensure that your fridge is stocked with fresh, delicious, local foods of your choosing. You won’t have to spend time going from store to store in an unfamiliar place – you’ll have the best ingredients right on hand.

Catered Restaurant Meals

Los Sueños Resort features 12 separate restaurants, which serve everything from 5-star international cuisine, to authentic Italian food, or world-class sushi. During your stay at Los Sueños, you can have meals catered to your door from any one of the resort’s restaurants – try a different one every week – or every night!


The Los Sueños CARE Clinic is available to serve Los Sueños visitors and residents. The clinic is open from 8 am to 5 pm seven days a week, and has multi-lingual doctors available on staff to treat patients. The clinic also has staff on call 24 hours a day, and a doctor will come to the clinic, your residence, or even your yacht at any time to meet your medical needs.

Los Sueños Resort & Marina in Costa Rica is the perfect vacation spot and the amenities are so abundant, you may not ever want to leave the resort!

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Guys Sport Fishing Getaway to Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

Big game fishing Costa Rica

No wives and no kids; just the guys, good times, golf and sport fishing in Costa Rica.

It’s been a long hot summer with lots of family fun and backyard barbecues- and it’s been great- but, now that the kids are back in school, its time for a “guys getaway.” Sport fishing, casino gaming, golf, beer, cigars and adventure, and a little more sport fishing are all on the agenda; mowing the lawn, going to the office, taking out the trash are all on hold. At least just for a week or so. Start with reaching out to the team at HRG to help you plan the perfect sport fishing vacation to Costa Rica. With awesomely huge array of condos and vacation villas of every size to choose from, you and your buddies can arrange for the perfect home-base away from home in Los Sueños Resort; from there, you can explore Costa Rica, blow off some steam and get in some well deserved R&R. Here are a few ideas for fun on a great guy’s sport fishing vacation in Costa Rica: Of course: Sport Fishing Los Sueños Resort & Marina is the premier offshore sport-fishing destination in all of Central America, Mexico or the Bahamas. Find out why some of the biggest names in tournament sport fishing base their operations out of Los Sueños’ 200 slip full service marina and in the calmest and bluest waters of the Pacific. Whether it’s a half day for inshore fishing or full day for inshore and offshore fishing, you won’t be disappointed as each trip comes with a bilingual captain and crew, bait, tackle, snacks, lunch, drinks and plenty of exciting opportunities for a great catch. When the day is done, HRG can arrange for an onsite chef to prepare a delicious meal out of the day’s rewards, whether its sushi or some other culinary delight. Golf On those days when you take a break from being out on the water, an 18-hole golf course awaits your competitive nature. Los Sueños Resort and Marina is home to the professional 18 hole, par 72 La Iguana Golf Course designed by Ted Robinson Jr. Landscaped to blend seamlessly with the lush Costa Rica Jungle and Central Pacific Coast line. River Rafting There is no thrill quite like facing the rapids on a swiftly racing river. Costa Rica’s many rivers offer numerous opportunities for you and your buddies to experience whitewater rafting, whether it is your first time on a raft or you are looking to challenge yourselves on some of the world’s fiercest rapids. Zip-lining There are many ways to see Costa Rica’s rainforest – by boat, by ATV, by car, on horseback, or on your own two feet. However, nothing compares to seeing the country’s dense foliage and beautiful wildlife from high up in the trees, or flying through the air over a tropical paradise. Want to feel like superman for a day? Book a zip-line canopy tour through your concierge at HRG. ATV Tours To really experience all that the mountains and jungles of Costa Rica offer, there’s no better way than on an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV. Whether you’re on a smooth beach or braving a muddy, jungle trail, these four-wheeled vehicles give you the freedom of a motorcycle with the ability for off-road adventuring. Casino Gaming In addition to the beautiful landscape and its colorful exotic inhabitants, the nightlife in and around the Los Sueños Resort includes more than dinner and clubbing; it’s teaming with Vegas style casinos too. Right in the resort and in nearby Jaco Beach, too, there are a number of fun casinos to choose from. Drinking and Dining What would a vacation be without great food and drink? With more than 10 excellent restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from right in Los Sueños Resort, and an abundance to numerous to name just minutes away, you‘ll find that the nightlife during your guys getaway sport fishing vacation won’t disappoint. After a long, fun, challenging day out on the water, a great night on the town is just the way to top it all off.   Life may be full of responsibility these days (and all the rewards that go with that), but you still get to have a little bit of time in for you and September is a great time of year to make your getaway and enjoy that annual fishing trip with your buddies.

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Travel Gear For Your Next Costa Rica Vacation

selfie stick Costa Rica Vacation

We love these cool travel gadgets for vacationing in Costa Rica

Staying connected and secure during your Costa Rica vacation is easier than ever with these cool gadgets and gizmos from the makers of tech and travel gear. Here are a few of our favorites.


  • The-AMPL-SmartbagIf you’re visiting Costa Rica during the green season, the AMPL SmartBag may be just the ticket at the airport. The water-resistant backpack has a hidden charger that when plugged in can charge seven devices via USB—all at the same time. It will charge a Smartphone before needing to recharge. With extra modular batteries, and complete with an app for that, you can manage which device is charging and which has priority.


  • Guess ConnectSmartwatches tend to be instantly visible; however, the Guess Connect attracts far less attention. Its watch face connects to your phone via Bluetooth and a small LED strip displays texts, interfaces with Siri or Google, as well as make and receive by voice. A similar device, goTenna, a pocket-sized 2-way radio, pairs with smartphones to keep Android or iOS devices connected within a 50-mile radius (depending on conditions) without cell service.


  • camelbakIn most cases, Costa Rica’s water is completely potable (and most certainly in Los Sueños Resort), but questionable water has ruined many a vacation in many places in the world. If you’re concerned, or just one of those with an extra sensitive system, take precautions when you’re visiting more remote locations throughout the country. CamelBak All Clear purifies most tap or clear natural water sources in 60 seconds. The 0.75-liter bottle has rechargeable lithium ion batteries and uses UV light to neutralize viruses and bacteria. SteriPens are another option, with no tables or plug-ins, a pen in a glass or bottle makes 16 ounces of water safe in about 48 seconds. It’s especially effective against cryptosporidium, a common cause of stomach problems. The Vapur MicroFilter set, another water filtration system, effectively removes practically all water borne bacteria—for instance, salmonella, cholera and E. coli—and protozoa, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.


  • stash_sandalsThe best advice for beachgoers anywhere in the world is to never leave valuables in the car (even if it is locked) and never leave your stuff unattended on the beach. The problem is what to do when everyone wants to be in the water at the same time. Stash Sandals have a nifty little mobile safe in the soles, big enough for cash, cards and keys. The sandals are comfortable enough to wear while keeping your stuff secure.


  • packable rainbootsDuring a rainstorm or while hiking through the cloud forest on a day trip, Puddleton’s Packable Rain Boots will keep your feet dry. Far more fashionable than standard Wellies, they come in an assortment of colors and patterns. They also fold up to take leave more room in your suitcase.



A vacation in Costa Rica is an adventure; these great little travel gadgets will help make it a great one.