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Carol Libby Fishes Cost Rica with Killer Records

World Record of Carol Libby Fishing Out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina in July 2013! 

Carol_Libby_Crew1When I heard that a boat that was currently in the Marina of Los Sueños raised 115 Blue Marlins in 3 ½ days of fishing, I knew I had to go meet the crew of that boat.  I went to the Marina and asked the guys where the Carol Libby was docked. Arriving without an appointment, and not knowing any of the crew members, I knocked on the door of the boat and told the captain that I work in Real Estate in Los Sueños and write sport fishing blog; I said I would love to talk to him about the amazing days of fishing they had in Costa Rica

Sitting down with Captain Josh temple, I found that he was nice and accommodating, willing to give me all the records of the past months of fishing in Costa Rica. I was really surprised to learn that they usually fishes in fly.

The following are the records of what they got in this past 3 months in  Costa Rica; 241 to the fly with 98 bites, and released 52. Their best day on the fly was 7 releases.

Also included are his numbers of what they caught during their 3 ½ days of conventional fishing

July 14, 15, 16, 17 2013

Location – offshore fishing out of Los Sueños

July 14th: They raised 27 and released 14 from 17 bites

July 15th: They raised 35 and released 18 from 27 bites

July 16th: They raised 36 and released 24 from 33 bites

July 17th: They raised 17 and released 12 from 17 bites by 10am and then  they had to quit fishing thanks to a mechanical problem.

During those 3 ½ days of fishing they raised 115 blues, got bites from 94 and released 68!

The crew that went fishing were primary angler Keith Brandner, who released a staggering 45 blue marlin in 3 ½  days, including a record setting 17 in one day on July 16th.  Crew mates James Brown, Juan Spragge, and Andrea McQuade handled the rest of the fishing releases and deck duties.



I was so excited as he was sharing with me all of his records and I kept thinking how much I wished I could join them for a day of fishing; to have just one fishing day like that would just be incredible.

Unfortunately, Captain Josh and his crew were leaving the following day because of Costa Rica visa restrictions, which only allow them to stay in the country for 90 days. He expressed to me how much they really wanted to stay, as they love fishing the waters of Costa Rica and we talked for a while about the restrictions and how it adversely affects the local economy. Considering that a boat like his can bring in around $50,000 per month, it seems unfortunate that there is not some accommodation in the law for those who are generating revenue or investing in some way for the economic benefit of Costa Rica.

He also talked about seeing foreign fishing boats; I found this to be exceptionally upsetting as it seems that the bureaucratic nature of my beautiful country is so busy restricting legitimate visitors and investors that they are not paying enough attention to protecting our priceless natural resources.




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