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Beach House Interior Design

Dream Vacation Home Design: The Perfect Interior for Your Dream House

attractive-canopy-bedroom-remote-island-resorts-with-laminate-floor-and-green-blanket-also-white-pillow-and-green-cushion-glass-door-slide-white-transparent-bed-curtainLos Sueños is a wonderful place to live, work, vacation, or retire. Not only does the resort offer residents their very own piece of paradise – it also features beautiful, high-end homes that are designed with both upscale elegance and unique Costa Rican style.

If you’ve chosen to buy a home in Los Sueños, congratulations, and welcome to Costa Rican living at its best! One of the most exciting first steps will be decorating your new abode. Homes in Los Sueños typically come unfurnished, so the décor is completely up to you!

If you’re looking to create a home that’s modern, fresh and inviting, keep these beach house décor trend tips in mind:

Choose a neutral color for your walls

Gray is a popular neutral for walls right now. It’s especially fitting for a beach house, because the blues, corals and whites that are often used in beach décor complement gray well. However, if you are looking for a lighter, airier feel, you can opt for a very light sand color, which is ideal if you plan to incorporate popular Latin colors like golds, greens, reds and turquoise. Using a clean, crisp white for your walls is a bold choice that can be very successful, as it fits both a beach/nautical theme and looks very contemporary. You can take the edge off of the white with soft fabric textures and fresh, soft accent colors.

Keep things clean and simple

Today’s trends lean towards a clean, simple, less ornate look. This can be tough to balance with the traditional Costa Rican look, which tends to be a bit more heavy and ornate, and use bolder colors and darker woods. However, a balance can be easily achieved by mixing clean lines and fresh light colors with a few more traditional pieces.

Use color sparingly

If you’re going to use bold colors, use them in small, understated ways. Throw pillows, lamps, rugs and artwork are ideal places to add just the right amount of color. Muted colors can be used more generously. Soft blues, greens and creams are perfect for a beach house.

Go with soft, airy textiles

Heavy, dark drapes and, thick rugs and rich upholsteries don’t work well in Costa Rica’s tropical climate, and they don’t fit in with today’s simpler, breezier style. Whenever possible, opt for fabrics that create a light, airy, natural feel, such as linens and cottons.

Less is more

Today’s style calls for less of pretty much everything – less fuss, less clutter and less cleaning and care. This means fewer adornments, fewer throw pillows and fewer furniture items.

If you need help . . .

The Los Sueños Design Center offers a wealth of home décor items to choose from, featuring top lines in every possible style. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can hire one of their designers to add a professional touch to your home.

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