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Amazing Yellow Fin Tuna Catch in Costa Rica

My sport fishing trip to Costa Rica this past summer was an amazing success!

Guest Post by Gale C. 

I caught the biggest yellow fin tuna that my charter boat captain had seen in a long time. When a charter captain who fishes for a living is impressed, you know you’ve got something great!

I love sport fishing, not only for the challenge of fighting a fish that weighs almost as much as I do, but I love to see the unique colors and features that the fish in Costa Rica have. Bright yellows, greens and blue colors, spines on rooster fish and sails on marlins. Mostly, we let the fish go, but there was one day that I went out fishing specifically for a fish we could eat.

That day turned out to be my most exciting sport fishing day; it happened the second day of our vacation.

We set out in the morning from our beautiful 3-bedroom 3 bath condominium, that we had rented from HRG Vacations. We’d enjoyed a great Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto and scrambled eggs. This is not your typical American, tortilla-wrapped scrambled eggs breakfast. I am a food connoisseur and I love fresh, flavorful, low calorie foods, especially like the wonderful food that Costa Rica is known for. We had full bellies and we were slathered in sunscreen, ready for a great day on the open waters.

We shoved off from the Los Sueños Resort and Marina on our chartered boat. I was looking forward to catching a great dinner. I love tuna fish, and there is nothing like the taste of a freshly caught and grilled tuna!

The Pacific Ocean holds many unique types of fish, but in this particular area, there are an abundance of Dorado, Roosterfish, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Sailfish, Marlin and Yellow fin Tuna. We shared a chartered boat with another couple to save a little money, and they were reeling in roosterfish, red snapper and mackerel like nobody’s business. Sure the fish they caught were all about 25 pounds on the average, but they were catching a lot! I was starting to get discouraged.

Then I felt this tug on my line that really caught my attention. I pulled the line taught and waited. Suddenly, I was being pulled across the bow of the boat. I yelled for help. The captain handed the controls to one of his crew and came to help me with what felt like a whale on the end of my line! We fought that fish for what seemed like four hours. The captain and I took turns reeling or just holding the line while the fish swam back and forth trying to rid itself of the hook in its mouth. The sonar had shown us that we had come upon a school of yellow fin tuna. I was so excited, hopping up and down while the captain held the rod (yes, I’d had a little bit to drink courtesy of the captain and his crew), and when it was my turn to fight, I concentrated on thoughts of various tuna recipes I could prepare with the local Costa Rican fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The fish got closer and closer and eventually we could see that it was definitely a tuna. The amazing thing was, when we saw it within 20 feet of the boat, it was huge! No wonder it felt like a whale! The captain’s expert eye judged my prize to be about 150 pounds! I was stoked. I wasn’t just going to have tuna for dinner that night! I was going to feed my family for a few months on this baby!

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