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Big Companies Choose Costa Rica, and Why You Should Too

call Center CR

Choose Costa Rica for your next business venture; you’ll be glad you did

More and more people are choosing to buy property, invest, open a business, and live in Costa Rica. The reasons are endless, but just to name a few: Costa Rica is known for its business-friendly investment regulations, abundant nature, beauty and wildlife, tourism industry, conservation and sustainability, a prospering economy, its conveniently close proximity to the States and Canada, and a highly educated, and computer literate, work force.

Many countries restrict foreign business investment as a way of protecting their national business and industry. Special tax breaks are given to local commerce and roadblocks are thrown in the way of foreign investors. Costa Rica, however, takes a positive attitude toward foreign investment. Outside money is encouraged as a way to spur development.

Nonetheless, labor laws and wage minimums are strictly enforced, giving the average Costa Rican employee enough income so that the local economy can flourish.

The end result is that Costa Rica is one of the most business friendly countries in Latin America. Foreign investment and foreign entrepreneurs are welcome.

One obvious result has been the relocation of several high-tech corporations to take advantage of Costa Rica’s educated and computer literate work force. This business-friendly climate has earned Costa Rica the reputation as Central America’s “Silicone Valley.”

Among big businesses that have chosen to set up shop here are the following (to name just a few):


  • Gray Line
  • Hewlett- Packard
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Intel Corporation
  • SC Johnson
  • Poker Stars
  • Microsoft
  • Nextel/Sprint
  • FedEx
  • Bank of America
  • Sykes
  • Uber
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Experian Marketing Services


Any investment that promotes tourism, creates jobs, and does not harm the environment is considered welcome.

To attract desirable businesses, Costa Rica offers generous incentives and tax breaks. Depending on the enterprise, there can be a twelve-year exemption from income taxes as well as waivers on import duties. When ecology is concerned, particularly projects involving reforestation, tax exemptions can be forever.

When it comes to choosing a country to retirement or just your next chapter in life, you can’t go wrong with Costa Rica. To learn more about the ins and outs of opening a company in this beautiful country, you can visit The World Bank’s “Doing Business” page on opening a company in Costa Rica.

To learn more about buying property in Costa Rica, you can reach out to our friendly real estate team here at HRG Properties and Rentals.









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Costa Rica’s Los Sueños is Perfect for a Long Holiday Weekend

Summer Holiday Costa Rica

When you just have 3 or 4 days to escape, Los Sueños Costa Rica is the answer to a great mini-vacation

As we roll into summer, we’ve got a number of long holiday weekends on the horizon, and there is no better place than Costa Rica to get away for a quick escape.

Given Costa Rica’s close proximity to the United States and the increasingly convenient number of short, direct flights from major International airports up north, it’s easier than ever to just pack a small bag and head for paradise.

Three Holidays that will give you the perfect excuse for a mini- vacation in Costa Rica

Memorial Day in Costa Rica

Coming up in just 2 weeks, Memorial Day 2017 falls on Monday the 29th of May. You and the family (or just you and your main squeeze) can grab a quick flight into Juan Santamaria from any number of major hubs in the States and be settled in with a cold drink in hand, watching the sunset from the balcony of your luxury condo by the day’s end, as Los Sueños is but an hour’s drive down.

Independence Day in Costa Rica

Who says you have to celebrate the 4th in the States to be patriotic? Join hundreds of ex-pats as we watch the fireworks and enjoy a celebratory barbecue near the Marina in Los Sueños Resort. With much fun and activity on the agenda, Los Sueños is a great place to spend Independence Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year, making it a lovely 4-day long weekend.

Best of all??

HRG is offering a great deal! Stay 4 nights and pay for only 3!

Labor Day in Costa Rica

Finally, one last escape awaits you at the end of summer.  Labor Day, which always lands on a Monday, makes for a fantastic, final, long weekend summer hoorah. September 4th is the big day this year, so why not start planning now; it’s the perfect way to end a perfect summer, making warm weather goodbyes just a little less painful.

With Memorial Day fast approaching and the 4th of July right on its tail, you might as well start planning those getaways now. Reach out today and let our team help you put together the perfect holiday weekend.

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Costa Rica’s Peaceful Paradise: A Soulful Escape

Woman on a Costa Rica beach hammock

4 Ways a peaceful Costa Rica vacation can change your perspective, lower your blood pressure, and enrich your life


Life is full of challenges, both big and small, but sometimes we can give ourselves a break. Traffic; deadlines; family illness; marital tension; parent teacher conferences; the evening news. A peaceful Costa Rica adventure could be just the ticket you need to escape the stressful realities of the daily grind.

While it’s likely that all will still be there when you return from a “relaxation vacation” in Costa Rica, your frame of mind, your perspective, and perhaps even your physical health will most definitely be in a better place.

Here are 4 ways a relaxing, adventure and discovery vacation in Costa Rica can help.

There is something truly balancing and tranquil about waking up to the sounds of nature every morning. Though I’m not sure why, Costa Rica tends to nudge me awake with the birds each morning, thus giving me time for a relaxing, peaceful, reflective morning. Add the rich aroma and taste of organically grown, Costa Rican coffee and, well…. It just doesn’t get much more sublime than that.

Long walks on the beach, and daily time spent watching the magnificent, daily, Costa Rica sunset (made all the more so with green-season cloudy skies) brings a peace to my soul that no other activity can match. Appreciating the beauty of the Pacific and the consistency of nature’s rhythms lends a deep-seated reassurance that all is fundamentally right with the world, as off balance as it all may seem sometimes when confronted with the daily news and social media.

Sometimes a little bit of pampering is all that is needed to make me feel special. While luxury living and spa days may not be the norm in my default world, I get to take extra care with myself while on vacation in Costa Rica. Ordering in, or dining out, brings sumptuous delights to my palate and healthful nutrition to my body. Body scrubs, detoxifying wraps, and long, deep massage therapy (either at one of the two world-class day spas inside Los Sueños Resort, or the privacy of my vacation condo) takes relaxation and self-care to a whole new level.

Getting out of my head, and into nature, brings my awareness back to earth and lets me re-discover who I am.  The thrill, adrenalin rush, and empowerment of climbing to a tree-top platform and zip-lining through the rainforest canopy is nothing short of therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. The realization of the perfection that is Mother Earth when I catch sight of monkeys, sloths, toucans, red-lapas, rare orchids, and colorful butterflies is humbling and awe-inspiring.  The Japanese practice of “shinren- yoku”, or “forest bathing,” has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and fortify the immune system; my own experience of hiking through the rainforests of Costa Rica have proven that to be true for me.

Costa Rica has often been called the “happiest place on earth.” It’s easy to see why. In addition to the culture-vibe that is pura vida (pure life), there is also no military (abolished in 1948), and the country is rich with bio-diversity and nature.  Why not escape to Costa Rica for a much needed relaxation vacation; rejuvenate, and get a little bit of that happy for yourself?

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6 Awesome Things About Costa Rica

vibrant Costa Rica sunset

Costa Rica is rich with biodiversity, conservation, beauty and culture

With all of the amazing things that make up Costa Rica, it can be hard to narrow down a list of the best of them. Nonetheless, we gave it a go, and managed to come up with our own list of the six absolute coolest things about this Central American tropical paradise.

The beaches

Costa Rica features an incredible 800 miles of coastline, and there is a beach to suit every taste and purpose. On the country’s Pacific side, the beaches tend to be livelier, more populated, and better suited for sunbathing, surfing and people watching. On its Caribbean side, the beaches are quieter, more secluded and more pristine, and are perfect for scuba diving and wildlife watching. From craggy, cliff-side shorelines to tranquil white, black, brown, and even pink sands, every beach is perfectly picturesque in its own way.

The landscape

Costa Rica’s incredibly diverse landscape offers nature-lovers endless opportunities for exploration. Twenty-five percent of Costa Rica is comprised of dense, lush rainforest, much of which is protected and nearly pristine. Costa Rica also features towering mountains, plunging waterfalls, misty cloud forests, and serene marshes. Finally, the country boasts 121 volcanic structures, and is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

The wildlife

While many people visit in the hopes of seeing iconic animals such as the scarlet macaw, the toucan and the capuchin monkey, not everyone realizes the vastness of Costa Rica’s biodiversity. While it makes up only .03 percent of the world’s total landmass, it houses 6 percent of the world’s species. The country is home to 130 freshwater fish species, 208 mammal species, 850 bird species, 1000 butterfly species and a full 34,000 species of insects. And if those numbers weren’t impressive enough, new species of plants and animals are discovered nearly every single day.

Conservation efforts

Costa Rica is a role model when it comes to conservation. Since the 1980s, the government has introduced a number of financing structures, which have helped to reverse forest loss and protect the species residing there. The country also has over 160 protected areas, reserves, parks and refuges, making up over 25% of the national territory. Costa Rica continues to be a world leader in slowing climate change by protecting its forests and mangroves.

Costa Rica gets 90% of its electricity from green sources; wind, water, and the country’s many volcanos. These efforts have made it a world-leader in renewable energy. Costa Rica aims to be 100% carbon neutral by 2021.

The people

Costa Ricans, in general, are a warm, friendly, educated, polite, and generous. They welcome newcomers, and they are always happy to accommodate, and help others. Not a confrontational culture, Ticos will almost go out of their way to not hurt your feelings. If they think that a “no” will be ill-received, they will typically say “maybe” or even “yes.”  You’ll quickly learn that “pura vida” isn’t just a national slogan; it’s a cultural way of life. One of my favorite local axioms is “tranquilidad ante todo” which roughly translates into English as, “Tranquility before everything.”

The activities

No matter what you love to do, there is an exciting activity waiting for you in Costa Rica. From rock climbing, to whitewater rafting, to zip-lining, or big game fishing, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. Of course, if you just want to soak up some sun on the beach, enjoy some luxury spa time, or relax in some natural hot springs, you can do that, too.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Costa Rica is such a hot eco-adventure destination. Book your next eco adventure vacation now; call HRG and start planning today.


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Savvy Medical Travelers Recover in Comfort at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica


Los Sueños Resort is paradise perfect for recovering from that cost-effective medical procedure you procured in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s proximity to the United States, along with its reputation for top-notch medical care, beauty, safety and peace, has placed it among the top 5 destinations in the world for medical procedures.

With savings of up to 45-65%, more and more “medical travelers” are choosing to visit Costa Rica for procedures that are either too costly to do in the United States, Canada or Europe, or that have a lengthy waiting list. From dental work to plastic surgery, and more, Costa Rica is a perfect option for those seeking fast, affordable medical care.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) Costa Rica’s healthcare system ranks just higher than the system in the United States. Over the past 30 years, private hospitals have expanded their operations and others have opened in the country; likewise, the government has invested hugely in the health sector.

With hundreds of board-certified physicians, surgeons, and dentists practicing in or near the capital city of San José, health travel has gained a strong foothold in Costa Rica; in fact, over a million Americans travel to the small country annually, and about 15% of those for medical care.

Post-surgical care and recovery can become a relaxing Costa Rica vacation when spent at Los Sueños Resort, which is located just an hour outside of San Jose where most major private hospitals and doctors reside.

Los Sueños Resort has all of the amenities and comforts needed for a tranquil, private retreat during the days or weeks following surgery in Costa Rica. With a private nurse by your side (easily found via recommendation from your doctor or clinic), you’ll be comfortable in a luxury one, two or three-bedroom condo that is situated in one of the beautiful gated communities of Los Sueños.

Many Costa Rica medical travers opt to stay in all-inclusive “recovery retreats” in, or near San Jose, but those who choose to stay at Los Sueños Resort report a much higher quality, peaceful, private, and luxurious experience. Every private, vacation condo in Los Sueños Resort offers a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, high quality furnishings, beautiful interior design, top of the line linens, and private balconies or terraces with beautiful views of the ocean or forest. With all this, it’s easy to see why…..

A $3million private Beach Club facility, multiple restaurants, day spas, an 18-hole championship golf course, a 200-slip marina, private pools and fitness gyms in every community (and most private homes or villas), its close proximity to San Jose, and gorgeous Costa Rican surroundings are just a few of the things that make a recovery stay at Los Sueños Resort the perfect choice.

With HRG’s exemplary concierge team, it’s easy to schedule grocery deliveries, a private chef, a driver, massage therapy, airport or city transfers, and more; all it takes is a phone call.

When you’re feeling better, your concierge can also help arrange easy-going tours and activities in the resort and the surrounding area. Whether it’s a round of golf, a sunset cruise, or a beautiful rainforest dinner at Adventure Dining, the Team at HRG has an extensive list of gentle, non-taxing activities to keep you having fun, and enjoying all that beautiful Costa Rica has to offer.

With all that it has to offer, why would you choose any other place than Costa Rica to get that long-awaited tummy tuck or dental implant? Make it the gift to yourself that keeps on giving, with lovey memories of a peaceful vacation at Los Sueños Resort.



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Get Ready for Summer: Planning Your Family Vacation at Los Sueños Resort


Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica is the perfect summer vacation spot and it’s not too early to start planning now


With the summer school break just right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your family summer vacation to Costa Rica. A short distance away from the U.S. and Canada, with several major airports offering direct flights to Juan Santamaria International, Costa Rica is paradise perfect for family adventures, and it’s a no-brainer to book your escape with HRG Vacations at Los Sueños Resort & Marina.

A vacation rental at Los Sueños Resort and Marina makes a perfect base camp for your Costa Rica summer holiday, and there is an endless list of things to do for everyone in the family. Los Sueños’ private 600-acre rainforest reserve is an exotic backdrop for the resort’s clustered communities, while the crystal blue Pacific Ocean beckons from your private balcony. HRG offer fully furnished condos, homes and villas, all available to make your stay in Los Sueños, Costa Rica absolute perfection.

Resort facilities include a 200-slip marina where you can book sport fishing charters, sunset cruises and offshore excursions to nearby Tortuga Island for snorkeling, jet-skiing, banana boat rides and other water sport fun.

The Beach Club, with its free-form pool, shaded palapas and white sand beach is exclusively for the use of Los Sueños’ residents and guests.

Golfers in the family will appreciate La Iguana, an 18-hole championship golf course, designed by Ted Robinson and surrounded by the Costa Rican rainforest.

In addition to the onsite activities, Los Sueños Resort offers even more to do offsite.

Zip-lining or tram-lining through the rainforest canopy is a great way to check out the treetop inhabitants. For the more daring family members, a nearby ropes course adds to the adrenaline with a Tarzan swing, swing walk and more.

Other choices include whitewater rafting on the Savegre River (Class II/III), ATV tours, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking.

Manuel Antonio and Carara National Parks are nearby for hiking and wildlife watching, or the entire family can hit the beach for sunbathing, boogie boarding, stand up paddle boarding, and surfing.

With daily housekeeping, personal grocery shopper and chef services available by request, no one in the family needs to lift a finger. The Marina Village has restaurants and retail shops, as well as wine and grocery stores like Jimmy T’s Provisions or Los Sueños Wine & Spirits. Finally, the village is also home to banking and business services (in case you have a mind to buy a yacht or a condo while you’re in town).

Within Los Sueños, transportation around the resort is most fun by golf cart. Depending on ages, even the kids can get around on their own. The concierge staff at HRG can help you book tours, transportation, child care, surf lessons and more. As local residents, HRG staff can steer you in the right direction because they know the territory.

Los Sueños Resort is a family-friendly slice of paradise; everyone in the family can be comfortable and relaxed in spacious digs for the entire gang to spread out and enjoy; in other words, not at all like a cramped hotel room! In most cases, your rental will include most of the gear needed to enjoy everything Los Sueños and the Jacó area have to offer—no need to pack much more than your clothes.

With all the personalized service on offer, it’s the perfect combination of location and convenience. After all, it is your vacation, so why not relax in style at Los Sueños, where your dream vacation becomes reality?

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Expat Living: Best Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Learning Spanish

Spanish class

You can learn Spanish; or at least get by for living in Costa Rica

While it’s true that you don’t have to speak Spanish to live in Costa Rica, you’ll be better off if you can speak and read Spanish when conducting your business affairs or just managing your daily life. Having some Spanish in your repertoire may not equip you to conduct intricate legal transactions, but it will help you follow the process and know when to ask questions. Besides all that, it’s a great way to discover and appreciate Tico culture. In addition to the traditional classroom experience, there are other options available: language software programs and online classes, as well as the usual tapes and workbooks. Regardless of how you choose to learn Spanish, what you want to learn is Latin American Spanish, not Castellan. Dialects vary from country to country and region to region, but in Central and South America, no one speaks the Spanish of Spain. If you have time before you move to Costa Rica, you may want to consider signing up for a conversational Spanish class at your local community college. The pace is slow and steady but the cost is relatively cheap. You can also hire a tutor or sign up with a language school. For software programs, Top 10 Reviews ranks Fluenz Spanish at number one for beginners; Rosetta Stone comes in fourth and Pimsleur Spanish Unlimited at fifth. All are $150-$200. CNET puts Rocket Spanish in first place; Pimsleur, second, Rosetta Stone, fifth and Fluenz, sixth. Both sites evaluate for teaching tools, extras and price. If you’re looking for an app, CNET rates Babbel Mobile for Android, Duolingo and Rosetta Course at one, two and three. Babbel, available in offline mode for smartphones and tablets, has an extensive vocabulary list, by category, with images and voice recognition. Duolingo is fast paced and uses picture-matching vocabulary, plus it’s free. Rosetta’s app also uses word/picture making in the early lessons, as well as voice matching help for pronunciation. The price is steep, but Rosetta is a reliable brand. Aside from learning the vocabulary and grammar, you’ll need to get used to the rhythms and sounds of Spanish. One of the best ways to do that is through radio and television. Listen to Spanish language programs—my favorite trick is to watch a baseball game with Spanish-speaking commentators. You can follow the action visually while training your ear. Familiar movies and TV shows with Spanish soundtracks are another good way to listen. Whatever way  you choose to learn, it’s all for nothing if you don’t speak. In general, most Ticos are pleased you’re making an effort; they’ll gently correct you and not laugh or sneer at your efforts. Learning a language may not be easy, but you did it once in your life, so you can do it again. Living in Costa Rica can be one of the most amazing chapters of your life; it will be so much better, though, if you can read the book and communicate about it, as well.

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2017 Los Sueños Family Spring Break Vacation

Kids on a Costa Rica Beach

There is plenty to do at Los Sueños Resort during your 2017 spring break family vacation

Los Sueños Resort and Marina makes a great family destination for Spring Break. Los Sueños’ luxury vacation rentals include fully furnished, very spacious, luxury condos or vacation villas; there’s no need to cramped up with the entire gang in a hotel room. A vacation rental at Los Sueños Resort is a good choice for families with members of all ages. The concierge staff can arrange for unique necessities, such as portable cribs and highchairs; they can also help organize family tours and activities, babysitting services, golf cart rentals and more.

Between the swimming pools, tennis courts, and private beach club, there are plenty things to do even if you never leave the resort. The Beach Club, for guests’ exclusive use, is a 2-acre facility that includes a free-form pool, Jacuzzi, fountains, swim-up bar, the Al Fresco Restaurant, and an elevated, white sand beach with shade palapas and a children’s playground.

Farther afield, there’s even more to see and do. One of the most popular tours is ziplining, good for ages 7 and up. Guides point out the points of interest, including the canopy inhabitants. Families with very young children can try the aerial tram, where the guide, an expert in local wildlife, will explain the plants and animals as you travel through the treetops. The nearby Jacó Ropes Adventure Park offers a bit more adrenaline with its zipline, teak bridge, Tarzan swing, swing walk and more.

An ATV tour will take even the most inexperienced rider (suggested for families with teens, rather than little ones) can take you and the kids farther afield.

Horseback riding is another option; guides will lead your group through the rainforest to nearby waterfalls and pools.

Mountain bikes are perfect for the active family, and present a special kind of fun challenge for discovering all that the rainforest has to offer.

The surf break off Jacó Beach is gentle and perfect for beginners who ready to learn. Surf shops and schools will help the most inexperienced beginner catch a wave. For experienced surfers, Hermosa Beach is just down the road and has more challenging breaks.

Tour operators at Los Sueños Marina offer sunset cruises, snorkeling trips to nearby Tortuga Island, crocodile and mangrove cruises, and of course, Costa Rica’s famous sports fishing. Other boat trips include a crocodile tour on the Tarcoles River and a monkey-spotting mangrove tour in the swamps near Damas Island.

Finally, there is always the beach:

Playa Esterillos is just 25 minutes away, a long stretch of black sand beach where sunbathing, long walks, surfing and shell seeking are the perfect way to spend the day.

Playa Blanca is just to the north; you’ll need to take the dirt road just before the Punta Leona entrance and head for Playa Manta- there will be guards, so just let them know you’re on your way to the beach. You’ll find parking at Playa Manta and then you can make your way over the rocks to Playa Blanca; be sure to bring a picnic basket, some blankets and maybe even a hammock so that you can make a day of it.

Manual Antonio National Park in just over an hour south and has two gorgeous white sand beaches, which are perfect for swimming as they are enclosed in a cove and don’t present heavy undertows or crashing waves. The best part though, is the abundance of wildlife. Watch out for the monkeys! The mischievous little stinkers will steal your stuff looking for food!


Los Sueños is a family-friendly vacation community, with everything you can imagine might be needed for a perfect Costa Rica family vacation.


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2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is a Wrap

Photo Courtesy of Marlin Magazine and Los Sueños Resort

The final leg of the 2017 Los Sueños Triple Crown wraps up another stellar year, and Team Agitator takes the big prize.

The 2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is in the books. Fifty boats—the most ever—released 509 fish: 462 sailfish and 47 marlin. While sailfish were in short supply this year, marlin releases exceeded the total for the last 3 years combined: 7 in 2016, 19 in 2015 and 12 in 2014 for a total of 38.

Going into Leg III of the 2017 series, Agitator led with 12,500 cumulative points. Try as they might, the competition never caught up. Agitator took the Triple Crown in a back-to-back win with a total of 15,000 points, 20 sail, 1 marlin. Team Agitator took home a check for $100,000 as Series Champion and finished the competitive year with 110 sails and 8 marlin. In 2016, Team Agitator landed 83 sails for 24,600 points to win the tourney.


Leg III Winners:

  • Finishing in first, Sea Angel took home $86,000 with a total of 19 sail, 2 marlin, 2,900 points
  • First Light came second, earning $51,600 for 17 sails 2 marlin and 2,700 points
  • Fish Tank’s third-place finish earned a check for $34,400, totaling 2,500 points for 5 sails 4 marlin


Individual honors:

  • Victor Julio Lopez, of Tranquilo, won InTheBite’s 2016 Captain of the Year, with mates Daniel Arrieto and Hansel Mendez recognized as Mates of the Year in the Sportfishing Championship, International Division. Their win marks a first, the captain and mates are costarricenses, native born Costa Ricans.
  • Top Series Angler: Jonathan Henry, on Big Deal, released 4 sails and 2 marlin for 1,400 individual points.
  • Top Angler of the Year: Scott Richard, Reel Screamer, 4,800 points for 23 sails and 5 marlin
  • Top Female Angler of the Year: Laura Jessen, Fish Tank, 3,800 for 18 sails, 4 marlin, finishing 10th overall in a field of 310 anglers. Laura landed her first personal slam during the competition.


The Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is the final, and many say the best, contest in the yearly sport fishing competition.

The Costa Rican mainland runs northwest to southeast, sheltering the fishing grounds from high winds. As a result, the waters off Los Sueños Resort and Marina tend to be calm, and teeming with a variety of species, making it a top sport fishing destination worldwide.

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A Day With The Family at Los Sueños Resort

Beach Club Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

Los Sueños is so full of fun things to do, you don’t even have to leave the resort

Los Sueños Resort & Marina, beautifully overlooking Herradura Bay in the central Pacific of Costa Rica, is probably as close as you can get to the perfect place to vacation in Costa Rica. Though there are so many eco-adventure activities nearby that you’ll be hard pressed to find some down time, there is also much to do right in the resort; if you do feel like taking a break from all that river rafting, ATVing, hiking, horseback riding, and Zip-lining, you can hang right in Los Sueños for a day and still have an amazing time with the entire gang. Her is our top 10 list of fun things to do in a day at Los Sueños Resort & Marina:

  1. Part of the fun in staying at Los Sueños is zipping around in a golf cart all day… golf carts are readily available. Just ask your concierge at HRG and we’ll hook you up!
  2. Prepare an amazing breakfast in the well-equipped gourmet kitchen of your vacation villa or condo; then, enjoy it out on the terrace as you gaze out at the ocean and marina, or across the greens to the forest, and savor a rich cup of Costa Rican coffee.
  3. Head for a few rounds of golf with the entire family- watch for the iguanas, red lapas, toucans and monkeys that will keep you company during your game.
  4. Have lunch outdoors at Bamboo Sushi, alongside the marina; or, eat at La Lanterna on the patio in Marina Village. After lunch, take a stroll along the board walk and check out all the amazing boats that are docked in the marina.
  5. In the early afternoon, head for the exclusive Los Sueños Beach Club. A huge free form swimming pool, with an equally large and shallow “kiddie pool” area, as well as Jacuzzi, the Beach Club is a great place to hang for the afternoon as you enjoy snacks and drinks brought to you at your lounge chair.  Between Al Fresco Restaurant, the swim- up bar and attentive beach club wait staff, you won’t be left wanting for great snacks, meals and drinks.
  6. In the late afternoon, it’s time to head for ice cream cones and sweet treats at La Dulce Vita in the Marina Village. Afterwards, take a stroll around and do a little shopping. At Marina Village, you’ll find an art gallery, a design store, a beach basics and bathing suit shop, Los Sueños wine and spirits, Jimmy T’s gourmet market, souvenir shops and more.
  7. As the late afternoon gloaming sets in, grab a sunset cruise out of Los Sueños Marina, a great way to enjoy the end of the day with drinks and dolphin watching.
  8. Not into boating? A really perfect way to wrap up the day is with a nice long massage at either of the two on-site day spas or right in your own luxury condo or vacation villa. Reservations and appointments can be arranged through your concierge.
  9. After coming in from your sunset cruise, or that wonderful massage, get dressed up (don’t worry, nice shorts and a shirt, or summer dress and sandals will be dressy enough- you’re on vacation!) and head for El Galeon for dinner; its al fresco dining area, amazing food, and exemplary service will leave you feeling pampered.
  10. After dinner, a quiet evening spent “at home” with the family playing charades or Uno is a great way to spend the evening. Or, if you feel like getting out, a night of drinking, dancing and gaming at one of the local casinos is always lots of fun. Need a sitter for the kids? Not a problem; ask your concierge at HRG and they’ll help arrange someone reliable.

With so much to see and do right inside Los Sueños, you don’t even have to leave the resort; but, you’ll want to. Still, it’s always nice to have a relaxing day right at “home.”

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