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Costa Rica is the Perfect, Kid-Friendly, Family Vacation

Kids Surf Camp

A Costa Rica Family vacation has so much more to offer than any family theme park or cruise.

Costa Rica is the perfect family vacation abroad, because it’s not so far away you’ve got to take a fifteen-hour flight, its developed (but no so much you feel you haven’t left the States), and it won’t break the bank: cheap flights are readily available and the exchange rate is on your side here. Essentially, for about half the bill of a top of the line Disney vacation, you can give your kids adventure, discovery, and fun in one of the world’s most abundant natural settings.

Here are our top # reasons why Costa Rica makes the perfect family vacation for those with kids.

Nature’s wakeup call

There is something incredibly special about that morning alarm coming from a family of howler monkeys swinging through the trees nearby. But that’s only the first animal order of the day! 

Costa Rica is abundant with wild animals, birds, insects, and ocean life.  

A great way to experience nature up close and personal is to head for Manuel Antonio National Park for a family day trip. It’s an easy hike in and out; completely manageable for family members of all ages – even if one or two are riding in strollers! You and the gang can do this on your own or hire a guide at the park entrance. The benefits of a guided tour are that you’ll get wonderful explanations about all the animals, birds and plant life you encounter, plus some terrific professional photos. Monkeys, iguanas, sloths, and raccoons are just a few of the wonderful animals you’ll spot in the wild at Manuel Antonio National Park. At the end of your hike, set up camp on a white sand beach; picnic, relax in the sun, and frolic in the gentle waves of the protected cove where you can snorkel through schools of tropical fish.

There is plenty of exhilarating adventure for everyone

There are zip line canopy tours that are appropriate for everyone in the gang; most will let children as young as 4 years old strap in with an adult.

A crocodile tour down the river lets the whole family get really up close to huge crocodiles in the wild while safely sitting in a boat; the tour guide will have a ton of great information to share about all the birds and other wildlife found in and on the river.

ATV tours through the rainforest jungle are fun for families with teenagers over twelve.

Those groups with kids that are 10-years old and up will enjoy white water river rafting or river tubing; there are plenty of class I, II, and III river rafting adventures to choose from.

Surf lessons are fun for everyone in the family and kids as young as 4 can learn to catch some waves with great surf instructors, easily found in downtown Jaco Beach or through your concierge with HRG

Costa Rica is a great Eco-Green learning experience for the entire family

Today, Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world (in terms of carbon and sulfur emissions and conservation practices), and the government has made a pledge to be the first developing country to be carbon neutral by 2021. Vacationing in Costa Rica is a great opportunity to educate your kids about the importance of preserving our planet and the ways in which green- conscious countries are doing their part to make that happen. Being immersed into the kind of eco-conscious culture that Costa Rica offers can have a big impact on your family.


With so much to learn, see, and do, Costa Rica offers a family vacation like no other. Call today and book your next family vacation at Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica.

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Holidays in Los Sueños, Costa Rica: It’s Time to Plan

Holidays Costa Rica

3 Reasons why you should start planning  your holidays in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica now.

Wait. Summer vacation in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica isn’t even over yet!

I can hear the objections now, but trust me when I say that, in this case, the early bird most definitely gets the most beautiful views and high adventure from his rainforest tree branch. While you may actually still be on vacation in Costa Rica (it’s summer break, after all), it is nonetheless time to start planning for your holidays in Los Sueños Resort.

Here are three good reasons to call and start planning your Costa Rica holiday vacation today:

 1. Secure your favorite accommodation at Los Sueños Resort

OK, so I basically already said it. The best spots in the resort get scooped up fast. So, if you’re looking to book that massive vacation villa for the entire family- you know the one- the one with the fantastic ocean views and private pool- well, you’ve got to get it while the gettin’ is good. There are, after all, only so many to go around. Likewise, if you’re after an ocean view condo with perfectly situated access (not that there is a bad location in the entire resort, but hey— some are better than others, no?) to all that Los Sueños Resort has to offer, the best ones go fast, so be sure to book early.

2. Have everything you need for the holidays at Los Sueños

Holidays in Costa Rica can take a tiny bit of extra planning; especially if you’re planning to bring the whole gang and need to arrange flights, and more.

Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or just Halloween, there will be a bit of meal planning to do. Will you cook in or eat out? Reservations, and/or menu planning in advance are a good idea; especially if you want to book at a restaurant or stay in and book any one of Los Sueños Resort amazing resident chefs who will cater your dinner.  Keep in mind too, that the HRG concierge staff will happily stock your refrigerator before you arrive.

Gift giving, Halloween costumes (yup, there’s trick or treating in Los Sueños Resort and always a great party for the grown-ups; of course, costume contests are a given), or a special bottle of wine for Thanksgiving, or that winter celebration dinner, will also need to be seen to in advance. You may want to think about the pros and cons of packing and flying with all that’s needed (the airlines and their charges for every single bag these days!), or shipping down in advance.

3. Beat the crowds; secure your reservations for activities and fun at Los Sueños

Holidays are high season and that means more people. More fun, yes! After all, as they say, the more the merrier, and holiday season in Los Sueños Resort is most definitely merry and fun. But, it also means more people vying for fishing boat charters, golf cart rentals, aerial tram rides, Zip lining, ATV tours, horseback riding, hiking trails, Adventure Dining, tee times at La Iguana Golf Course, dinner reservations, and spa appointments among other things. When you plan early, you can book all of your adventures and activities with HRG’s Team Concierge ahead of time, save money with those early booking discounts, and assure that you and the gang get to do everything you want to do while in Costa Rica for the holidays.


So, what are you waiting for? Call now and start planning your holiday vacation at Los Sueños Resort & Marina. Come this winter, when you’re chilling with a cocktail and gazing out at the ocean, you’ll be glad you did.

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Animal Conservation and Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cat
Photo courtesy of

Costa Rica’s Commitment to Conservation: An Admirable Example

Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts go back decades; in fact, as far back as 1828 government entities were encouraged to “fight for the conservation and reforestation of mountains and plantations.” Then, in 1945, the country began to establish protected areas, subdivided by varying categories of environmental protection. Today an estimated 25% of the country’s landmass, both private and public, falls under the National Park System and the conversation sphere. Lush, green rainforests, mangroves, cloud forests, remarkable beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and coral reefs are some of the many habitats protected by the national parks and reserves of Costa Rica. Altogether, the country supports some 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 27 national parks, 15 wetlands, 11 forest reserves, and 8 biological reserves dedicated to protecting the varied natural habitations in the country. Over 35,000 species of insects, an estimated 850 birds and 205 mammal species, 220 species of reptiles, and 160 species of amphibians can be found in this tropical paradise. The varied microclimates, rich ecological systems, and the natural wealth of the country make it a most favorable home for a varied number of species. Approximately a half a million species can be found here; Costa Rica is home to a wide array of tropical mammal species, such as two-toed and three-toed Sloths, three kinds of anteaters, Jaguars, Tapirs, and the Squirrel Monkey, among other endangered species. Costa Rica is also one of the very few places in the world that has numerous, protected nesting sites for endangered marine turtles such as the Leatherback, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridely, and Green Turtles. The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE) are responsible for sustaining the country’s biodiversity. The active participation of both the public and private sectors in these efforts is helping the conservation in Costa Rica on a national, as well as global level. With a growing network of ecosystems and a government that strongly endorses preservation efforts, Costa Rica stands on the forefront of the conservation efforts. Among other efforts, Costa Rica became the first nation in the world to ban hunting. In 2012, the Costa Rican Congress unanimously voted to ban hunting as a sport in the Latin American country. Under the law, hunters caught poaching wild animals face prison time or hefty fines. Likewise, it is illegal in Costa Rica for people to hunt wild animals to keep as pets. It should be noted, however, that the law does not apply to some indigenous people who rely on hunting for survival, nor does it apply to scientific research. Environmental activist Diego Marin, who campaigned for the reform, said of the measure, “We’re not just hoping to save the animals but we’re hoping to save the country’s economy, because if we destroy the wildlife there, tourists are not going to come anymore.” While it is true that eco-tourism is the country’s premier industry, there is a darker side to the motives of some who visit Costa Rica, as some come to the country for the soul purpose of obtaining exotic cats, as well as rare and colorful birds, to sell on the black market as pets. Nevertheless, Costa Rica’s conservation efforts will likely enhance the future preservation of wildlife. Of Costa Rica’s efforts, Alonso Villalobos, a political scientist at the University of Costa Rica, said “Costa Rican’s think of themselves as ‘people who are in very good relation with the environment, and in that way, we have made a lot of progress. We have a stronger environmental consciousness.”

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Captain Dana Thomas talks to us about the fishing activity during June


“Floating logs, current lines, anywhere fish are concentrated, anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins per day”

 Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is considered one of the best destinations for fishing in the world. Captain Dana Thomas, owner-operator of Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat, talks to us about June’s fishing activity. Although he was not taking on too many trips due to some boat renovations, he tells us about the overall action.


He describes the seamount trips being great during the offseason, having excellent reports from other boats with double digit catches per day on blue and stripe marlin, yellow fin tuna and a few sailfish.   “Eight sailfish, a couple of marlin, some tuna and dorado on my last few trips”  He describes that the best location for excellent fishing grounds is finding floating logs, current lines, debris, and anywhere small fish are concentrated. Anglers have reported to catch up to 10 marlins, about 15 mahi mahi, and several yellow fin tunas per day. He says that the tuna has been steady this year where most days you are able to catch several of them; making a great year for tunas.

Expectations for July

Captain Dana predicts that the mahi mahi, also known as dolphin fish or dorado, will be filling in. With an increase on mahi and yellow fin tuna, the marlin are expected to follow, increasing the number of catch and release for blue and stripe marlin as well.  capt. Dana pic 1

Captain Dana to the left.  

Located off the Los Sueños Marina, Herradura, the Hoo’s Your Daddy charter boat is a recognized 36ft Topaz Express. Usually leaving the dock at 7am, this open style vessel has A/C on the lower part of the boat and has the capacity to comfortably carry up to six anglers. Captain Dana and his operation are focused on giving high level customer service and a memorable fishing experience. You can special request food, drinks, and anything else you need to make your trip unforgettable! On a full day charter, the trip includes food, snacks, drinks, tackle, bait and all the of fishing equipment you need! They accommodate to all client-needs, they also offer half trip, trip to Tortuga Island and snorkeling. You can mix up your day and make the most of it!


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7 Reasons to Honeymoon in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

couple on beach hugging

Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica is the perfect place to honeymoon

Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica is a perfect honeymoon paradise.  The weather is always warm (even if it’s raining!) and the beaches are always beautiful. Here are 7 reasons why Los Sueños Resort is the perfect romantic Costa Rica honeymoon destination:

Outdoor Adventures

From white water rafting, to zip-lining and scuba diving, there are adventures at every turn that are perfect for couples to enjoy together in and near Los Sueños Resort. Go horseback riding on the beach, explore an active volcano, hike through the rainforest, or go parasailing, white water rafting, or ATVing. Our team can help you find an adventure tour that combines all of the country’s most exciting activities.

Rest and Relaxation

Looking to enjoy some serious R&R as a couple? Here are a few great ways to do it at Los Sueños:

  • Take long walks on the beach
  • Lay around in a hammock together and read
  • Dine privately on your balcony overlooking the marina, ocean, forest, or fairways
  • Indulge a couples massage at the spa or in your condo or villa
  • Play a few rounds of golf together on the world class 18 hole La Iguana Golf Course


Villages, volcanoes, pristine beaches, lush forests, waterfalls, and rolling savannas… Costa Rica has it all and we can help you see it. On foot, on horseback, on an ATV, in a kayak, or flying through the tree canopy on a zip-line, there is no end to the sights and sounds of enchanting Costa Rica.


When it comes to restaurants, you’ll be spoiled for choice – from cozy, hole-in-the-wall spots where you can truly experience Costa Rican culture, to relaxing outdoor cafes where you can try the country’s best coffee blends, to world-class restaurants offering the best of international cuisine, there is always something delightful to try. Los Sueños Resort alone offers more than 10 incredible dining venues and nearby Jaco and Play Hermosa offer even more. Don’t feel like leaving the love nest? Just order any from any of the resort restaurants or arrange with the HRG Concierge Team for a private chef in your luxury condo or villa.

Night Life

Costa Ricans know how to enjoy la buena vida, or “the good life.” There are any number of bars, clubs, and late-night hot spots, in and around Los Sueños Resort and Marina where you can hear great music, enjoy great food and drinks, and dance the night away in true Costa Rican style.

Sunset Cruises

Perhaps nothing is more romantic than enjoying a sunset cruise set against Costa Rica’s blue sky and swaying palm trees. Champaign, fresh sushi and ‘bocas’, and fiery skies make for the perfect evening together.

Tour Packages for Costa Rica

There are a million and one ways couples can enjoy a romantic Costa Rica getaway. If you’d like to do a bit of everything, or you’re not sure how to put your trip together, consider letting our concierge team put together the perfect romantic tour package; we’ll make sure you enjoy the country in the best possible way – together.

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The Ultimate Wedding Gift: A Vacation Property at Los Sueños Resort


Give the wedding gift that keeps on giving; present them with Los Sueños Resort real estate.

Real estate is one of the most valuable wedding gifts a couple can receive, and a luxury vacation property in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica is one of the dreamiest wedding presents imaginable.

With everything from one, two and three bedroom condominiums featuring forest or ocean views, to sprawling luxe villas that boast private pools, guest houses and more, HRG Properties & Rentals represents one of the most prestigious real estate portfolios in all of Costa Rica.

Conveniently located close to the United States, with direct flights from many major cities, a real estate property in Los Sueños, Herradura, Costa Rica can be one of the best investments a couple can have for the well-being of their future. Sound investments aside, owning a vacation property in Los Sueños will go a long way toward creating a lifetime of priceless memories.

Whether you’re the bridal couple’s parents, or a doting relative looking to indulge the happy couple, or a soon to be spouse who wants to surprise him or her with something spectacular, a property in Los Sueños is the perfect answer.

Here are some of HRGs most prized properties for sale at Los Sueños Resort:

Casa Vista Paraiso

Luxury knows no bounds when it comes to Casa Vista Paraiso; secluded, and yet close enough for convenience to all resort amenities, this custom smart home was designed with outdoor living, family fun, and entertainment in mind. From its cut-stone façade to the lush backdrop of rich Costa Rican rainforest, this custom U.S. quality energy star home was designed to deliver ultimate comfort with minimal maintenance required; it is without doubt, unparalleled to any other in Costa Rica.

Terrazas 3C

Featuring gorgeous ocean and marina views, this perfectly situated ground-floor condominium is impeccably furnished and perfectly located in one of the most beautiful communities of Los Sueños Resort. Offering three bedrooms and three and a half baths of spacious living, this lovely condo features plenty of outdoor living space and is situated right next to the crashing waterfalls of the building’s community infinity pool.

Villa Tranquila

Located in the Vista Del Sol community, Villa Tranquila is the newest, and finest, luxury property for sale in Los Sueños Resort.

Claiming unmatched, panoramic ocean, resort, and sunset views, this 5300-square foot, 4-bedroom, 4.5 bath private retreat is a great investment, especially given its excellent vacation rental background; and, rental pool notwithstanding, the home has retained its high standard of impeccability and maintenance.

Beautiful furnishings and detailed design enhance the value of this villa, making it a place where family and friends want to be.  Designed for tropical living, every window, French door, and terrace of the villa enjoys a breathtaking vista of the surrounding ocean and rainforest. With outdoor entertainment a core consideration, the villa features a semi-private infinity pool and Jacuzzi, grilling area, and spacious patio with patio dining furniture, all making this the perfect place for any midsize group to relish the Los Sueños experience.

Bay Residence 6C

Just inside the main gates of Los Sueños Resort & Marina, the Del Mar Community is home to the Bay Residence Condominiums, which are uniquely positioned on Herradura Bay.

This exceptional condo is a lovely ocean front, 2 floor unit that is open to gorgeous views. The home features 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, an open-concept chef’s kitchen, vibrant living and dining areas, and an expansive, covered, wraparound terrace which is perfect for entertaining, dining, relaxing, and sunset gazing.


Skip the crystal decanter and give them something to remember; gift the gift of real estate in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica.

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5 Reasons to Plan Your Bachelor Party at Los Sueños, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

bachelor party beach

Make your bachelor party the best that it can be when you celebrate the end of your single days at Los Sueños, Costa Rica.

Posh digs for you and the guys at Los Sueños Resort

You and the guys will stay like VIPs at your luxury condo or vacation villa in Los Sueños Resort & Marina; with enough space for the entire gang, every condo and villa in the resort is luxurious, spacious, and fit for a king and his entourage.

Golfing with the gang

La Iguana Golf Course is a great place to spend the day for bit of a friendly competition among you and your buddies. With 18 holes professionally designed by Ted Robinson you can’t go wrong with this fun and challenging course, it’s gorgeous backdrop of prime rainforest, and the company of capuchin monkeys and macaws.

Sport fishing with the boys

Los Sueños Resort & Marina is widely considered to be the best sport-fishing destination in all of Central America, Mexico, or the Bahamas. In fact, some of the biggest names in tournament sport fishing base their operations out of Los Sueños’ 200 slip full service marina. Whether it’s a half day for inshore fishing, or full day for inshore and offshore fishing, you and they guys will have a heck of a day filled with fun and challenging adventure.  Each sport fishing trip includes a bilingual captain and crew, bait, tackle, snacks, lunch, drinks and plenty of exciting opportunities for a great catch. When the day is done, your concierge team at HRG can arrange for a chef to come around to your condo or villa and prepare a delicious meal out of the day’s catch.

Adventure & Discovery

River rafting, Zipline canopy tours, fast and furious ATV rides; there is no end to the fast-paced adventure that Los Sueños Resort and surrounding areas has to offer.

There is no thrill quite like facing the rapids on a swiftly racing river. Costa Rica’s many rivers offer numerous opportunities for you and your buddies to experience whitewater rafting, whether it is your first time on a raft or you are looking to challenge yourselves on some of the world’s fiercest rapids.

When it comes to seeing Costa Rica’s rainforest, nothing compares to seeing the country’s dense foliage and beautiful wildlife from high up in the trees, or flying through the air over the top of the canopy. Want to feel like superman for a day? Book a zip-line canopy tour through your concierge at HRG.

And, last but certainly not least, to really experience all that the mountains and jungles of Costa Rica offer, there’s no better way than on an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV. Whether you’re on a smooth beach or braving a muddy, jungle trail, these four-wheeled vehicles give you the freedom of a motorcycle with the ability for off-road adventuring.

It’s party time

Jaco Beach is a town known for the fiesta and all the boys will have a great time meeting up with party girls, whether at the local night club, on the beach, or at one of the many Vegas style casinos. Of course, we know our groom will behave himself and admire from afar, but the rest of the gang is sure to have a great time partying it up in Jaco Beach, only to retire back at your luxury condo for a little R&R after a great night out on the town.


Forget about Las Vegas or Mexico; make it Costa Rica. Los Sueños Resort is where the bachelor party of your dreams will happen.



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6 Reasons to Get Married in Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica

Bride Costa Rica Beach

Getting Married in Costa Rica saves money, creates memories, and delivers so much more than traditional nuptials on the home-front.

Getting married? There is a bountiful list of reasons why a destination wedding in Costa Rica is a great way to go. From surrounding your nuptials in nature, to spending extra quality time with your nearest and dearest, getting married in Los Sueños Resort is full of blissful, nuptial sweeteners. Here are the top 6 reasons we believe your destination wedding at Los Sueños will be the wedding of your dreams:

Less formality, more fun

According to a recent report from Mintel U.S. weddings, nearly 60% percent of couples want to create a fun, relaxing, memorable party, rather than a stuffy, traditional, formal kind of event. “Destination weddings are especially accommodating for couples steering away from the traditional black-tie wedding,” says Susie Papadin of Alison Events. “The majority take place in leisure locations, which are far more conducive to a casual feel.” A Costa Rica destination wedding at Los Sueños Resort provides all the luxury a couple would want for their special day, while at the same time delivering spectacularly on nature, fun, discovery, and adventure.

Shorter guest lists, as well as spared feelings

Most traditional guest lists weigh in at just under 150 invites (that’s a lot of cake!), while destination weddings average just under 50. Moving your wedding venue to Costa Rica means you can send announcements, rather than invitations, with no concern for hurt feelings. Distant relatives, causal acquaintances, and business associates won’t expect to be invited (and may even be relieved!), thus saving you a bundle on food, beverages, party favors, and venue, and also allowing you a more intimate setting for that most important day.

Location, Location, Location: It’s a non-issue

What to do when one half of the happy couple is from Dallas, and the other from Brazil, but both live, work, and socialize in Los Angeles? Families and friends will feel happier to meet in the middle than to travel to the home town of one or the other; and, since all will be traveling to that tropical paradise that is Costa Rica, your event will be as fun and exciting for your guests as it is for you.

Blissful not stressful

When your wedding is a vacation in and of itself, the stress level goes down by droves. Destination weddings, by nature, almost compel couples to let go and let the experts handle it all, but also the relaxed, tropical ambience of a rainforest resort like Los Sueños really gets the wedding party in a laid-back mood from day one. One Los Sueños Resort area wedding planner we spoke with said, “We’re kind of a one stop shop; instead of the wedding couple having to speak to florists, musicians, wedding officiants, and caterers, we take care of everything.” As a result, the couple can sit back, relax, get married, and work on nothing more stressful than their tan.

Quality over quantity

Weddings can be exhausting for the happy couple, and often, they are so wiped out at the end of the day that they barely remember having any fun or connecting with their guests. Weddings at Los Sueños, especially when everyone is staying at the resort, provide for plenty of bonding time, and memory making, within the entire wedding party. In one Mintel U.S. weddings report, experts said, “One reason destination weddings are popular is because they allow the bride and groom more opportunity to truly interact with their guests over a longer event.”

Destination weddings at Los Sueños Resort save money

On average, couples save nearly $2,500 when they get married away, rather than on the home-front. Even better, June (traditional wedding month) is green season in Costa Rica. Everything is more lush and beautiful and everything is also less expensive.   With so many reasons to plan your wedding away from home, who wouldn’t want to plan a destination wedding at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica? For more information about having your beautiful wedding at Los Sueños, reach out to HRG’s event experts today. Regardless of whether its last minute (just the two of you), or a year away with the whole gang, we can help you have the wedding and vacation of your dreams.

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Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding at Los Sueños Resort & Marina

bride and groom beach Costa Rica

A Costa Rica destination wedding at Los Sueños Resort & Marina is the perfect way to start your life together.

Destination weddings are increasingly popular, and there’s no more romantic, exciting, or beautiful place for a wedding than Costa Rica. One of the best spots to wed in this tropical paradise is the Los Sueños Resort & Marina in Herradura Bay, Costa Rica. Located on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, right near the picturesque beach town of Jaco and the surfing mecca of Hermosa Beach, Los Sueños offers dream weddings set against gorgeous ocean and rainforest backdrops, with all the details taken care of by professional planners. What’s more, once the wedding’s over, the honeymoon can begin right away! There are numerous settings to choose for both the ceremony and the reception at Los Sueños. Whether you want an indoor wedding in a truly beautiful banquet hall or an outdoor wedding by the sea, on the golf course, or in one of the resort’s lush gardens, there’s guaranteed to be something right for your event. The Los Sueños area is home to a number of excellent, certified event professionals who can take you through every single step of the planning process. It’s hard to plan a wedding from afar, and it’s difficult to imagine that everything will go smoothly when you aren’t there to supervise. However, no matter what size or style of wedding you want, our local wedding planners can put everything together for you. They can help you choose a venue, recommend a florist, and a photographer (they’ll even book them for you), set up catering, and help arrange for the perfect wedding cake. Having a destination wedding can be somewhat nerve wracking, as you must put a little extra trust in your wedding planners. Also, the logistics of getting the whole wedding party to Costa Rica, and keeping them happy, can be a bit of a challenge. Lean heavily on your concierge team at HRG Vacations and utilize a great last minute destination wedding checklist, such as the one suggested by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.

Your Costa Rica destination wedding checklist will help you stay on top of things:


  • Schedule a spa day for the bridal party, at least 2 days in advance of the ceremony.
  • Confirm the hair-and-makeup trial, and wedding day appointment.
  • Select, order, and forward on to Costa Rica: welcome-bag goodies, guest favors, and gifts for the wedding party, and any other special items you’ll want to send down ahead of time. Be sure to ship items in advance to cover any customs delays.
  • Develop your wedding day timeline with your Costa Rica wedding event planner.
  • Confirm the perfect playlist with your wedding reception DJ.
  • Once in Costa Rica, meet up with your planner and officiant to review the timeline, event venue, flowers, and ceremony details, as well as final confirmation on all local spa and beauty appointments.
  • Confirm rehearsal dinner venue and arrangements.
  • Arrange for your wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dresses to be steamed.
  • Distribute welcome bags to your guests’ rooms.

When you book a wedding through HRG Vacations at Los Sueños Resort, you can rest assured that your dream destination wedding will be absolutely perfect.

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Big Companies Choose Costa Rica, and Why You Should Too

call Center CR

Choose Costa Rica for your next business venture; you’ll be glad you did

More and more people are choosing to buy property, invest, open a business, and live in Costa Rica. The reasons are endless, but just to name a few: Costa Rica is known for its business-friendly investment regulations, abundant nature, beauty and wildlife, tourism industry, conservation and sustainability, a prospering economy, its conveniently close proximity to the States and Canada, and a highly educated, and computer literate, work force.

Many countries restrict foreign business investment as a way of protecting their national business and industry. Special tax breaks are given to local commerce and roadblocks are thrown in the way of foreign investors. Costa Rica, however, takes a positive attitude toward foreign investment. Outside money is encouraged as a way to spur development.

Nonetheless, labor laws and wage minimums are strictly enforced, giving the average Costa Rican employee enough income so that the local economy can flourish.

The end result is that Costa Rica is one of the most business friendly countries in Latin America. Foreign investment and foreign entrepreneurs are welcome.

One obvious result has been the relocation of several high-tech corporations to take advantage of Costa Rica’s educated and computer literate work force. This business-friendly climate has earned Costa Rica the reputation as Central America’s “Silicone Valley.”

Among big businesses that have chosen to set up shop here are the following (to name just a few):


  • Gray Line
  • Hewlett- Packard
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Intel Corporation
  • SC Johnson
  • Poker Stars
  • Microsoft
  • Nextel/Sprint
  • FedEx
  • Bank of America
  • Sykes
  • Uber
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Experian Marketing Services


Any investment that promotes tourism, creates jobs, and does not harm the environment is considered welcome.

To attract desirable businesses, Costa Rica offers generous incentives and tax breaks. Depending on the enterprise, there can be a twelve-year exemption from income taxes as well as waivers on import duties. When ecology is concerned, particularly projects involving reforestation, tax exemptions can be forever.

When it comes to choosing a country to retirement or just your next chapter in life, you can’t go wrong with Costa Rica. To learn more about the ins and outs of opening a company in this beautiful country, you can visit The World Bank’s “Doing Business” page on opening a company in Costa Rica.

To learn more about buying property in Costa Rica, you can reach out to our friendly real estate team here at HRG Properties and Rentals.

For more information on real estate investment, land or hotel properties please visit our Costa Rica Land & Hotel Advisors site.