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7 Fun Adult Activities at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

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Kids Are Back in School- Time for a Grown-up Getaway to Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

Let’s face it: Summer vacation with the kids at Los Sueños Resort can be a blast, but a grown-up getaway without them can be even more fun, not to mention relaxing.

You deserve it; it’s been a long summer, and the kids are back in school; now it’s time for mommies and daddies to get away. So call up grandma, or aunt Sue, or the nanny, and ask her to stay. You’ve earned it, you two, a long, sweet, grown-up getaway.

Here are 7 fantastically fun things to do – just the two of you.


A day out on the greens is just the ticket for some beautiful, peaceful, quiet relaxation. A little competition between the two of you is always fun, and La Iguana Golf course just fits the bill. 18 holes of championship design, the course is made extra special by the rainforest that surrounds it and you’ll find that you’re accompanied, not by noisy children, but by toucans and monkeys.

Sport Fishing

There is nothing like a day out on the water, fishing for blue marlin, that gets the adrenalin pumping, and the feeling of freedom flowing. No kids, no worries- just you, your partner, and the challenge of the big one. With the sun sparkling off the Pacific and a cold one in hand, you’ll enjoy a day of sport fishing off the shores of Costa Rica, with no worries at all other than where you’ll be having dinner that evening.

River Rafting

For a day of challenging rapids, lots of laughter, grown-up good times, and fun, river rafting in Costa is just what the doctor ordered. There are a number of class III and IV rivers near to Los Sueños Resort and, at this time of year (green season!), the rivers are high and fast, the jungle is lush and green, and the animals of the forest are out to be seen.

Casino Gaming

An evening out on the town is made extra exciting by a night at the gaming tables. With plenty of glamorous, Vegas- style casinos in the area, you’re sure to have a good time and maybe even take home enough winnings to pay for your vacation! Whether black jack is your game, or maybe roulette, you’ll find plenty of exciting fun at the casinos of Jaco Beach, and surrounding areas.

Drinking and Dining

What would a vacation be without food and beverage? The foodies among us will much appreciate the abundant choices of restaurants, lounges, cafes, and bars that are available both inside of Los Sueños Resort & Marina, and out. Whether you’re looking for Italian, Japanese, French, or fusion, the area has much to offer on the food front, and you’ll be happy to enjoy all the delectable offerings, sans kiddos.

Feel like staying in for a romantic, candlelit dinner on the balcony of your luxury vacation condo, sails bobbing on the water just below? Even better! Just give your concierge team a call at HRG, and we’ll set up catering to prepare it all for you, right in your very own kitchen.

Spa Day

There are two wonderful day spas right in the resort, and quite a few nearby. Ask your concierge to schedule your appointments, and set up transportation while they’re at it. From Sebo Spa at the Marriott, to Blush Spa & Beauty Salon you’ve got some wonderful options that are just a golf cart ride away.

Outside the resort, spa junkies might really appreciate Serenity Spa, located just up the hill at Villas Caletas.

Don’t feel like leaving your digs? Ask them to schedule a therapist to come to your vacation villa or condo; what could be better than living in your robe for the afternoon, and then hitting the sack after a wonderful massage?

Lounging by the Pool

Finally, there’s no tropical vacation complete without a day of lounging by the pool. Whether it’s the private pool at your villa, the community pool of your condo, or the exclusive Los Sueños Beach Club (my personal favorite, as it has servers to bring me drinks and delicious snacks from Al Fresco Restaurant & Bar), a day by the pool- book and umbrella drink in hand- is a perfect way to unwind.


No kids. Just the two of you. Rest, relaxation, and fun. What more could you ask for? Book your grown-up getaway today and have a long, quiet, beautiful weekend at Los Sueños Resort. After this summer of family fun; you’ve earned it.

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Gearing up for Thanksgiving in Los Sueños, Costa Rica

los suenos resort costa rica dining

Already, it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica

Spending Thanksgiving in Costa Rica can be an extra special, and unique way, to celebrate the traditional day of gratitude. A holiday that presents a 4-day weekend for many, it’s the perfect time to hop on a plane and head for Costa Rica, out of the cold and into the tropics.

Preparing your own Turkey day feast is easy to do, with plenty of resources nearby to Los Sueños Resort. At Automercado, just down the street, you’ll find just about anything you feel you need to make the perfect traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. From fresh cranberries to Butterball turkeys, they’ve got it all, and should you decide to go non-traditional you’ll find plenty for that too.

For gourmet items to add to your fare, check out Jimmy T’s Provisions in the Los Sueños Marina Village. And, if you’re not into cooking while on vacation, Jimmy T’s also offers catering and can handle the whole thing for you.

If dinner out is on the menu, there are a number of wonderful restaurant choices in the resort and nearby in Jaco Beach; just ask the team at HRG and they can make reservations for you and point you in the right direction, or even order you a car and driver.

Instead of laying around watching football this year, why not head for Costa Rica? Here is a short list of things you can do on your long Thanksgiving weekend away:


  • Go Sport fishing
  • Golf
  • Have a spa day
  • Enjoy the thrill of a zip-line canopy tour
  • Learn to surf
  • Play tennis
  • Lounge by the pool with an umbrella cocktail in hand
  • Go hiking
  • Horseback ride
  • Take an ATV tour


Check with our Concierge Team at HRG and book your activities and tours ahead, book your dinner seating, reserve your golf cart rental, and even put in your grocery shopping list; after all, it’s time for a break- why not let the professionals handle it all for you?

Gathering the family around the dinner table, in the rainforest, will create some extra special memories; reach out and book now for the perfect Thanksgiving weekend in Los Sueños Resort & Marina.




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Labor Day 2017 at Los Sueños Resort & Marina


7 Things to do in Los Sueños Resort During Your Short Labor Day 2017 Escape


Labor Day weekend is nearly here and you deserve a break! After all that hard work, it’s time to reward yourself with a long weekend away at Los Sueños Resort & Marina, costa Rica. Considering the number of short, direct flights from the U.S. to Costa Rica, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do it!

Here’s a short list of things to do over a three or four day weekend at Los Sueños Resort & Marina:

Go Fishing!

Los Sueños Resort & Marina is one of the best offshore sport-fishing destinations in all of Central America, Mexico, or the Bahamas. For a full day or half day out on the water, just reach out to the HRG Vacations Concierge Team and we’ll hook you up with a charter. English speaking captains and crews, snacks and drinks on board, and an exciting day of fishing for Black, blue and striped marlin, sail fish, tuna, dorado, and wahoo – what more could you ask for?

Go snorkeling at Tortuga Island

For a day of fun on the water, Tortuga Island is just about 45 minutes offshore and full of adventurous things to do. Grab some snorkel gear and check out the schools of brightly colored fish that are abundant around the rock, or better yet, the famous sunken boat!

Sip on a delicious Coco Loco (a run drink made with coconut water and served in the coconut) while the island’s resident peccary, a distant relative of the native pig, will come up to have his belly scratched and take any fruit offerings you might have to give him.

Rock climbing, banana boat rides, stand up paddle, and kayaking are just a few of the other fun activities you’ll be able to enjoy while on the island.  Great for a day trip, HRG can arrange it all; just reach out and ask!

Learn to Surf!

Jaco Beach, just 10 minutes outside the gates of Los Sueños Resort & Marina, is one of the best places in the area to learn how to surf. With gentle waves that are not too much for a beginner, kids and adults alike will have a great time learning the ins and outs of surfing, safety trips, and then finally catching a wave or two.

Surf board rentals are easy to come by in downtown Jaco, and instructors are right behind them. You can book your lessons through the HRG offices, or just head to Jaco and walk downtown he street- you’re bound to find plenty of offerings.

Learn to Stand Up Paddle!

Herradura Bay, just outside of Los Sueños resort is a perfect place to do a little Stand Up Paddle Boarding as the cove and marina keep the waters smooth. Board rentals are readily available on the beach in Herradura, and instructors are just as easy to come by. A fun activity for the entire family – not to mention a great workout for grown ups!- Stand Up Paddle has become all the rage in the last ten years.

Go gambling!

In addition to the beautiful landscape and its colorful exotic inhabitants, the nightlife in and around the Los Sueños Resort includes more than dinner and clubbing; it’s teaming with Las Vegas style casinos too.

Take a crocodile tour!

The Tárcoles River is one of the most densely populated crocodile rivers in the world, and home to crocodiles from tiny baby size, and up to 17 feet long! From the safety of the river boat, you’ll spot crocodiles of all sizes up close and personal, a plethora of different kinds of exotic birds, iguanas, lizards, monkeys, anteaters and more!

Experience the sight of a crocodile feeding, right up close, and learn about the river, the mangrove forest and all of its inhabitants. Tours leave five times per day and you can contact them directly to make reservations.

Have a spa day!

There is nothing quite that says, “I’m on vacation” like getting an in-room spa treatment such as a massage, manicure, pedicure, body scrub, or wrap. Working with only the best in the area, our concierge team at HRG will set you up with the pampered day of your dreams, arranging for expert services from talented local providers, right in the privacy of your vacation rental condo or villa.


Labor Day weekend is a great time to get away for a long weekend in Los Sueños Resort; given its close proximity and easy access, its a great choice for an adventure filled escape Skip the humdrum barbecue this year; make it a trip to Costa Rica!


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Expatriate Kids in Costa Rica Have Plenty of Education Options

kids outdoor learning

Moving to Costa Rica could be the most positive thing you do for your kids and their education.

Access to education is a very important deciding factor for families looking to move to Costa Rica. It ranks right up there with medical care, cost of living, and income generation. HRG Properties & Rentals not only lists wonderful properties in Costa Rica, but the majority of the real estate in their listings is located in an area where you can find good educational options for your kids too.

Many people move to Costa Rica for the unique advantages it offers. Simplicity, nature, and a multi-cultural advantage are all things that make life in Costa Rica shine.

However, many parents are concerned about educating their children, once happy settled in the rainforest. Not to worry: Costa Rica has a lot to offer on the education front.

There are many great private schools accredited by both the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and the United States here in Costa Rica.

In many of the private schools, classes are taught in both English and Spanish. Some schools, in the Central Valley, offer classes in other languages too. Placing your child in a bi-lingual private school can help ease the transition from a school in the United States or Canada to Costa Rica.

Public schools in Costa Rica, while excellent, are often crowded, with many students to one teacher. Many expatriates moving to Costa Rica send their kids to private schools for this reason. There are a few good schools located in the Central Pacific area.

Centro Educativo Inmaculada Escuela de Jaco


This k-10 school is located in Jaco, just down the street from Los Sueños Resort & Marina in Playa Herradura. Escuela Immaculada is a private bilingual Catholic school with around 100 students, about a fourth of which are North American or European.



Escuela Las Nubes


Las Nubes School is a bilingual educational institution founded in the year 2000, located in the area of Jaco, on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, that offers an alternative academic option and where student development is promoted, yielding a high-level academic formation, motivating the development of life skills and generating attitudes of environmental responsibility, with the goal of shaping people with adequate skills, values and attitudes to reach an optimum role in society.



Ficus Tree School


Ficus Tree is a Montessori-enriched school which combines the Montessori educational approach with other philosophies and practices. Their preschool program now offers a fully Montessori 1-3, and 3-6, program and their elementary program is continuously being enriched with the Montessori philosophy and its use of materials.



Another great option for expatriate kids is homeschooling. Unlike the old days where you had to wait for the school to send you a big box full of books and the year’s curriculum, most home schooling programs are web-based now. There are dozens to choose from, both with secular programs and religious programs; many with one on one teacher to student ratios.

Worried about your children’s social life and skills? There are plenty of local activities for kids to get involved in, ranging from football (soccer), to karate classes or surf lessons, beach cleanups, and animal rescue programs.

HRG Properties & Rentals has a huge portfolio of listings, ranging from spacious condos to sprawling villas, raw land, and development properties. Costa Rica properties are surrounded by amazing views of the rainforest, and/ or ocean, as well as an abundance of wildlife and nature.

A move to Costa Rica could be the most positive decision you ever make for your family. Surrounded by nature and immersed in an international culture, your kids will become well rounded individuals as a result of being raised in Costa Rica.


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Summer Break in Costa Rica- Perfect for Teachers

teacher Costa Rica

Summer Break is almost up! Here are some top discoveries teachers can take back to school from Costa Rica.

Teachers are always seeking ways to inspire young minds; even on vacation. Fortunately, when you are headed somewhere like Costa Rica for the summer, there is practically no end to the inspiring stories, objects and ideas you can bring back to the classroom.


Here is our list of ten things teachers can do in Costa Rica that are sure to enlighten and delight.


Visit a turtle nesting site.

A moonlight visit to Tortuguero National Park can get you a spectacular view of green turtles nesting en masse. Not only will your students be fascinated by the idea of nesting turtles; the story of the green turtle’s comeback in Costa Rica is a great lesson in conservation.


Take a zip line tour through the forest canopy.

Your students will be thrilled to see photos of you zipping along in mid-air. They will also love hearing about what it’s like to be up high in a rainforest canopy, and to get a bird’s eye view of the rainforest floor.


See an active volcano.

Odds are, your students have never seen an actual active volcano. Up-close videos and photos of a burbling, steaming volcano will nicely complement a lesson about how volcanoes helped build and shape the Costa Rican landscape.


Go on a crocodile tour.

What could be better than telling a class full of students that you spent an afternoon chasing crocodiles? Telling them you got this close to one, and you weren’t even scared.


Go sport fishing.

Everyone loves a good fish story, and since Costa Rica features one of the world’s most plentiful populations of big game fish, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great one to tell if you head out for a fishing trip.


Learn to surf.

Your students will be inspired to hear that you tried something new, especially if it is something as cool as surfing. Of course, they will also love hearing about every time you wiped out.


Take a wildlife tour.

This is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth, and getting kids excited about the capuchin monkeys and toucans you were able to spot on your trip is a good first step toward helping them understand and respect the beauty and majesty of the rainforest.


Hunt for souvenirs.

Pretty much anywhere you go, you are sure to find handcrafted, artisanal treasures that are perfect for bringing back to the classroom. Whether it is a large item to keep on your desk or some interesting Costa Rican candies to hand out to your students, they’ll appreciate the thought.


Learn a little Spanish- or practice what you already know!

One summer is plenty enough time to learn some key phrases, which you can have fun passing on to your students.


Get to know the culture.

While you’re in Costa Rica, make it a point to get to know the locals, and go where they go and eat where they eat. You’ll have a much richer story to tell your students about what life is really like in Costa Rica, and what the people are really all about.


Costa Rica is the perfect teacher’s summer vacation. With so much to do, see, discover and learn, you’re bound to have plenty of interesting stories to take back to your students.




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5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica During Green Season

rainy beach Costa Rica

5 Reasons why green season may be the best season to visit Costa Rica

Because Costa Rica is warm and green year-round, many people assume that it has one long, single season – summer. The fact is, while the country’s proximity to the equator keeps the temperature stable and warm, there are two distinct seasons that dramatically change the weather and – in some cases – the landscape. The dry season, which lasts from mid-November through May, brings dry weather, continuous sunshine and some of the most pleasant temperatures to Costa Rica. The wet season, which lasts from May through November, brings heavy rains, warm temperatures and humidity- though more often than not, it is sunny at least half of the day, if not during all daylight hours, with the rain coming only at night. The dry season is the most popular season for tourists, and with good reason. The skies are clear, the weather is beautiful, and people can enjoy the outdoors from dawn ‘til dusk. This is when the country’s most colorful festivals take place, and when hotels and restaurants swell with visitors. It is easy, on the surface, to say that the dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica. However, there are many reasons why the wet season can be an even better time to make the trip. Here are just five great reasons to visit Costa Rica during green season: Fewer Crowds In some coastal areas during the green season, hotels are sparsely populated, restaurants are nearly empty, national parks are uncrowded, and beaches are secluded and quiet. If your idea of a good time is having some private time to relax, this is the time to visit. Less Expensive Vacation condos and vacation villa rentals, tours and activities, car rentals, restaurants, and shops are more expensive during the high season. As the season winds down, so do rates and prices. Come during the wet season, and you’ll have many places competing for your business, which can mean great deals for you. You may also find yourself with some great bargaining power. Beautiful Scenery Costa Rica may be green all year, but everything truly comes alive during the wet season. The landscape is transformed, and brilliant flora and fauna makes an appearance in even the driest regions. Exciting Activities Swelling rivers, rising ocean swells, and clear seas make the wet season a perfect time for whitewater rafting, surfing the Pacific, and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Unique Wildlife-Watching The rainy season is the best time to catch one of Costa Rica’s most endearing sights – nesting sea turtles, patiently digging out nests, and baby turtles, bravely headed out to sea. The green season does see rain almost daily, so outdoor activities should be planned for morning and early afternoon. Roads frequently get washed out, so travel can become difficult if you don’t have a 4-wheel vehicle. However, if you can brave the elements you’ll have an adventure that’s decidedly more rugged and exciting, and see a side of Costa Rica that few others can lay claim to. Green season can be the best time of year to visit Costa Rica; better hurry though! Green season is nearly half way over! Book now to take advantage of this great time of year for a visit to Costa Rica.

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Buying a home in Costa Rica: a World Leader in Green Energy

CR Renewable Energy

Costa Rica’s reputation for renewable energy is a big draw for those seeking to buy property in the country.

As topics of global warming, sustainability, and energy conservation trend as important to the general population, more people have become interested in buying property and living in Costa Rica. Perhaps, in part, because of Costa Rica’s widely known stance on conservation, and its aim toward renewable energy. Renewable energy in Costa Rica supplied about 98,1% of the energy output for the entire nation in 2016.  As a country, Costa Rica has a geographic advantage over others in that its high concentration per capita of rivers, dams, and volcanoes allow for a high renewable energy output. “For 2017, we expect renewable electricity generation to remain stable,” ICE’s executive president, Carlos Manuel Obregón, said recently. “We have four new wind plants and expect favorable rain conditions in the basins that feed our plants.” Though Costa Rica has made major investments in wind and geothermal plants in the last 25 years – with its percentage of non-hydro renewables well surpassing the world average – the country still routinely produces more than 70% of its electricity each year using dams. Solar energy generation – on a privatized level- has picked up in Costa Rica, as well. There are a number of new companies in the country that are providing residential, as well as business, solar energy solutions. Companies like Green Energy, Poderco, and Costa Rica Solar Solutions are making great strides in helping families and business save on their fuel energy consumption. Did you know? The total amount of fossil fuels used by humans since the beginning of civilization is equivalent to less than 30 days of sunshine! Finally, a number of architectural engineers in Costa Rica are turning their eye toward a future of renewable energy and conservation, and more and more homes are being developed here with that end in mind. For example, Casa Vista Paraiso, one of HRG’s newest and most luxurious home listings, is situated within Eco Golf Estates, inside Los Sueños Resort & Marina. Casa Vista Paraiso is a sprawling 8,950 square foot retreat, custom designed with only the most discerning tastes in mind. More importantly, however, this energy efficient home is easily managed via wireless control through any smart device, regardless of whether homeowners are in residence or half way around the world. From its cut-stone façade to the lush backdrop of rich Costa Rican rainforest, this custom U.S. quality energy star home was designed to save energy, and deliver ultimate comfort with minimal maintenance required. If you’re looking to build or buy property in Costa Rica, one of the big benefits you’ll be gaining is reducing your carbon footprint. Living in paradise, reducing your impact on the planet, and experiencing a new culture and a “pura vida” lifestyle; what more can a homeowner ask for?

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Costa Rica is the Perfect, Kid-Friendly, Family Vacation

Kids Surf Camp

A Costa Rica Family vacation has so much more to offer than any family theme park or cruise.

Costa Rica is the perfect family vacation abroad, because it’s not so far away you’ve got to take a fifteen-hour flight, its developed (but no so much you feel you haven’t left the States), and it won’t break the bank: cheap flights are readily available and the exchange rate is on your side here. Essentially, for about half the bill of a top of the line Disney vacation, you can give your kids adventure, discovery, and fun in one of the world’s most abundant natural settings.

Here are our top # reasons why Costa Rica makes the perfect family vacation for those with kids.

Nature’s wakeup call

There is something incredibly special about that morning alarm coming from a family of howler monkeys swinging through the trees nearby. But that’s only the first animal order of the day! 

Costa Rica is abundant with wild animals, birds, insects, and ocean life.  

A great way to experience nature up close and personal is to head for Manuel Antonio National Park for a family day trip. It’s an easy hike in and out; completely manageable for family members of all ages – even if one or two are riding in strollers! You and the gang can do this on your own or hire a guide at the park entrance. The benefits of a guided tour are that you’ll get wonderful explanations about all the animals, birds and plant life you encounter, plus some terrific professional photos. Monkeys, iguanas, sloths, and raccoons are just a few of the wonderful animals you’ll spot in the wild at Manuel Antonio National Park. At the end of your hike, set up camp on a white sand beach; picnic, relax in the sun, and frolic in the gentle waves of the protected cove where you can snorkel through schools of tropical fish.

There is plenty of exhilarating adventure for everyone

There are zip line canopy tours that are appropriate for everyone in the gang; most will let children as young as 4 years old strap in with an adult.

A crocodile tour down the river lets the whole family get really up close to huge crocodiles in the wild while safely sitting in a boat; the tour guide will have a ton of great information to share about all the birds and other wildlife found in and on the river.

ATV tours through the rainforest jungle are fun for families with teenagers over twelve.

Those groups with kids that are 10-years old and up will enjoy white water river rafting or river tubing; there are plenty of class I, II, and III river rafting adventures to choose from.

Surf lessons are fun for everyone in the family and kids as young as 4 can learn to catch some waves with great surf instructors, easily found in downtown Jaco Beach or through your concierge with HRG

Costa Rica is a great Eco-Green learning experience for the entire family

Today, Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world (in terms of carbon and sulfur emissions and conservation practices), and the government has made a pledge to be the first developing country to be carbon neutral by 2021. Vacationing in Costa Rica is a great opportunity to educate your kids about the importance of preserving our planet and the ways in which green- conscious countries are doing their part to make that happen. Being immersed into the kind of eco-conscious culture that Costa Rica offers can have a big impact on your family.


With so much to learn, see, and do, Costa Rica offers a family vacation like no other. Call today and book your next family vacation at Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica.

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Holidays in Los Sueños, Costa Rica: It’s Time to Plan

Holidays Costa Rica

3 Reasons why you should start planning  your holidays in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica now.

Wait. Summer vacation in Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica isn’t even over yet!

I can hear the objections now, but trust me when I say that, in this case, the early bird most definitely gets the most beautiful views and high adventure from his rainforest tree branch. While you may actually still be on vacation in Costa Rica (it’s summer break, after all), it is nonetheless time to start planning for your holidays in Los Sueños Resort.

Here are three good reasons to call and start planning your Costa Rica holiday vacation today:

 1. Secure your favorite accommodation at Los Sueños Resort

OK, so I basically already said it. The best spots in the resort get scooped up fast. So, if you’re looking to book that massive vacation villa for the entire family- you know the one- the one with the fantastic ocean views and private pool- well, you’ve got to get it while the gettin’ is good. There are, after all, only so many to go around. Likewise, if you’re after an ocean view condo with perfectly situated access (not that there is a bad location in the entire resort, but hey— some are better than others, no?) to all that Los Sueños Resort has to offer, the best ones go fast, so be sure to book early.

2. Have everything you need for the holidays at Los Sueños

Holidays in Costa Rica can take a tiny bit of extra planning; especially if you’re planning to bring the whole gang and need to arrange flights, and more.

Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or just Halloween, there will be a bit of meal planning to do. Will you cook in or eat out? Reservations, and/or menu planning in advance are a good idea; especially if you want to book at a restaurant or stay in and book any one of Los Sueños Resort amazing resident chefs who will cater your dinner.  Keep in mind too, that the HRG concierge staff will happily stock your refrigerator before you arrive.

Gift giving, Halloween costumes (yup, there’s trick or treating in Los Sueños Resort and always a great party for the grown-ups; of course, costume contests are a given), or a special bottle of wine for Thanksgiving, or that winter celebration dinner, will also need to be seen to in advance. You may want to think about the pros and cons of packing and flying with all that’s needed (the airlines and their charges for every single bag these days!), or shipping down in advance.

3. Beat the crowds; secure your reservations for activities and fun at Los Sueños

Holidays are high season and that means more people. More fun, yes! After all, as they say, the more the merrier, and holiday season in Los Sueños Resort is most definitely merry and fun. But, it also means more people vying for fishing boat charters, golf cart rentals, aerial tram rides, Zip lining, ATV tours, horseback riding, hiking trails, Adventure Dining, tee times at La Iguana Golf Course, dinner reservations, and spa appointments among other things. When you plan early, you can book all of your adventures and activities with HRG’s Team Concierge ahead of time, save money with those early booking discounts, and assure that you and the gang get to do everything you want to do while in Costa Rica for the holidays.


So, what are you waiting for? Call now and start planning your holiday vacation at Los Sueños Resort & Marina. Come this winter, when you’re chilling with a cocktail and gazing out at the ocean, you’ll be glad you did.

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Animal Conservation and Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cat
Photo courtesy of

Costa Rica’s Commitment to Conservation: An Admirable Example

Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts go back decades; in fact, as far back as 1828 government entities were encouraged to “fight for the conservation and reforestation of mountains and plantations.” Then, in 1945, the country began to establish protected areas, subdivided by varying categories of environmental protection. Today an estimated 25% of the country’s landmass, both private and public, falls under the National Park System and the conversation sphere. Lush, green rainforests, mangroves, cloud forests, remarkable beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and coral reefs are some of the many habitats protected by the national parks and reserves of Costa Rica. Altogether, the country supports some 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 27 national parks, 15 wetlands, 11 forest reserves, and 8 biological reserves dedicated to protecting the varied natural habitations in the country. Over 35,000 species of insects, an estimated 850 birds and 205 mammal species, 220 species of reptiles, and 160 species of amphibians can be found in this tropical paradise. The varied microclimates, rich ecological systems, and the natural wealth of the country make it a most favorable home for a varied number of species. Approximately a half a million species can be found here; Costa Rica is home to a wide array of tropical mammal species, such as two-toed and three-toed Sloths, three kinds of anteaters, Jaguars, Tapirs, and the Squirrel Monkey, among other endangered species. Costa Rica is also one of the very few places in the world that has numerous, protected nesting sites for endangered marine turtles such as the Leatherback, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridely, and Green Turtles. The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE) are responsible for sustaining the country’s biodiversity. The active participation of both the public and private sectors in these efforts is helping the conservation in Costa Rica on a national, as well as global level. With a growing network of ecosystems and a government that strongly endorses preservation efforts, Costa Rica stands on the forefront of the conservation efforts. Among other efforts, Costa Rica became the first nation in the world to ban hunting. In 2012, the Costa Rican Congress unanimously voted to ban hunting as a sport in the Latin American country. Under the law, hunters caught poaching wild animals face prison time or hefty fines. Likewise, it is illegal in Costa Rica for people to hunt wild animals to keep as pets. It should be noted, however, that the law does not apply to some indigenous people who rely on hunting for survival, nor does it apply to scientific research. Environmental activist Diego Marin, who campaigned for the reform, said of the measure, “We’re not just hoping to save the animals but we’re hoping to save the country’s economy, because if we destroy the wildlife there, tourists are not going to come anymore.” While it is true that eco-tourism is the country’s premier industry, there is a darker side to the motives of some who visit Costa Rica, as some come to the country for the soul purpose of obtaining exotic cats, as well as rare and colorful birds, to sell on the black market as pets. Nevertheless, Costa Rica’s conservation efforts will likely enhance the future preservation of wildlife. Of Costa Rica’s efforts, Alonso Villalobos, a political scientist at the University of Costa Rica, said “Costa Rican’s think of themselves as ‘people who are in very good relation with the environment, and in that way, we have made a lot of progress. We have a stronger environmental consciousness.”