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10 Reasons To Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

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A luxury vacation rental is a far better choice than a hotel room- here are ten reasons why.

More people are choosing to rent a vacation home or condo for their vacation, instead of booking a hotel room because a private home rental has all the advantages and none of the drawbacks. Here are 10 good reasons to do the same on your vacation.


  1. Space – You have the run of the house: plenty of room for everyone’s personal space or for togetherness. Your personal possessions aren’t on display to everyone and no one has to sit on your bed.
  2. Privacy – You don’t have to worry about housekeeping at the door first thing in the morning before you’ve had your coffee.
  3. Amenities – At Los Sueños, you enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer—tennis, swimming, cycling and more—without sacrificing your privacy.
  4. Choice – If you fancy a quiet evening in, you have everything you’ll need for a romantic dinner for two, when you want it. You won’t have to wait for room service to deliver your meal. If you want to go out for dinner, there are also plenty of nearby restaurants to choose from.
  5. Homy comfort and convenience – You don’t have to tie your schedule to when the restaurant or stores are open. There’s no need to become more presentable to get more ice; the kitchen is just steps away. If you want to linger over coffee in your bathrobe, you can.
  6. Value for money – A week or two in a hotel is nearly always more expensive than a vacation home, especially for groups who require separate hotel rooms. Sharing the cost of a luxury rental means the same perks for less money per person.
  7. Cultural immersion – You chose to visit Costa Rica because you wanted to see the country and its environment. A hotel stay, six floors up, simply doesn’t provide the same access to the plants, wildlife and scenery that give visitors the Pura Vida experience Costa Rica is famous for.
  8. Family friendly – Hotels can be a difficult place for family vacations: children need to be entertained and comfortable and that’s not always easy in a hotel room. A vacation rental  with outdoor space, private bedrooms, and living areas gives small children room to run around, and teens a room to run to.
  9. Local host knowledge – Your chances of finding a hidden gem—beach, coffee shop or specialty shop—are much greater with a private vacation rental, than in a hotel. Locals know all the best places because they’ve already discovered them for you, and the team at HRG is ready to guide you.
  10. Quieter – In your private vacation villa or condo, there’s no one running down the corridor or arguing overhead; you can’t hear the elevator, and there is no crowd noise.


At Los Sueños, we have the right property for your vacation needs: multi-bedroom villas or intimate condos, all with the luxurious amenities to make your stay memorable.

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