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Worldwide Sport Fishing Tournaments

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HRG’s Top Picks for the Best Sport Fishing Tournaments Around the Globe

web_MG_8859Sport fishing is an exciting activity that’s loved the world over.  While some see sport fishing as a hobby or a once-in-a-while adventure, a few intrepid experts take to the waters each year to test their skills and compete for cash and prizes in sport fishing tournaments. If you are looking to follow some exciting international fishing events next year, we have got you covered. Here are our top five picks for the world’s grandest and most exciting tournaments.

Blue Marlin World Cup

Held each year on Independence Day, the Blue Marlin World Cup is a unique take on the classic tournament, as it does not take place in a single location. Instead, participants can take the 8-hour, single-species challenge from any blue marlin hot spot in the world, with a chartered professional team or on their own boat, in the comfort of their own time zone. The contest is simple; the prize goes to the team who catches the biggest marlin over 500 pounds.

Hobie Fishing World Championship

Now in its 4th year, the Hobie Fishing World Championship invites enthusiasts from around the globe to challenge themselves in the sport of kayak fishing. The 3-day contest is held in October, takes place in a different location each year, and centers around native predatory fish like pike and perch. Each participant is given an identical Hobie kayak for the challenge, which is outfitted with a Hobie live well and fishing equipment. The 2014 Championship was held in the Netherlands, and won by American angler Steve Lessard.

Bermuda Triple Crown Tournament

This exciting billfish tournament takes place off of the island of Bermuda, and features three separate events that span nine total days of fishing. This year’s competition marked the Bermuda Triple Crown’s 10th anniversary, and brought in a record number of game boats. Over $1 million was awarded in prize money Next year’s tournament kicks off on July 3rd, 2015.

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

The Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, or HIBT, is often called “the grandfather of big game fishing tournaments.” It has been held for 55 years, with the first tournament having taken place just after Hawaii acquired statehood. The HIBT takes place in breezy, beautiful Kona, Hawaii, and features five days of big game fishing excitement. The HIBT is well-known for attracting international competitors; this year’s three finalists hailed from China, Japan and Kenya. The 2015 tournament will run from August 8th through August 15th.

_MG_3645Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown

Set off of the balmy, lush shores of Costa Rica, the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is a thrilling, popular tournament that draws in competitors from around the globe. Now heading into its second year, the tournament is a compilation of two immensely popular competitions: the Signature Billfish Series and the Marlin Invitational. Over the course of the tournament, participating teams battle it out for big game fish supremacy in some of the world’s most coveted fishing waters. If you are looking to be part of the action, the tournament is just around the corner – it kicks off in January.

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