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Top 10 Things to Do in Costa Rica

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The Reasons to Visit Costa Rica are Practically Endless, but We’ve got at Least 10 to Introduce to You Now…


Costa Rica Natural Diversity CollageThis tropical slice of paradise is the perfect place to honeymoon, get away from the everyday, spend a week or two reuniting with friends or family, or even set up residence long term.

There is something for everyone in Costa Rica. Adventurers will love the abundance of thrilling outdoor activities. Romantics will love the beautiful secluded spots tucked away in the country’s mountains, jungles and beaches. And nature lovers will thrill at the exquisite landscapes and the incredible array of wildlife and flora and fauna.

Costa Rica has it all. It is a natural wonderland, featuring towering mountains, active volcanoes, dense, vibrant jungles and beaches of every type. It offers an incredible cultural experience – the people are warm and friendly, and you can expect great food, lively music, and a fun, welcoming atmosphere pretty much everywhere you go.

The nightlife in Costa Rica is all but legendary. Costa Ricans know how to party – from night clubs, to dance clubs, to bars and pubs, this is the perfect place for someone looking to dance the night away, blow off some steam, or just get away from it all.

The weather in Costa Rica is warm and balmy year round. It is especially beautiful and pleasant in November, December and January, making it the perfect place to avoid the chill of northern climes.

Costa Rica has an abundance of dining, shopping and sightseeing options. Whether you want to experience the big city, take in the slow pace of a coastal town, dine at a five-star restaurant, or shop for handmade treasures to take back home, you can find what you are looking for here.

There are also wonderful places to stay in Costa Rica. There is no need to skimp on the amenities – resorts like the popular Los Sueños offer luxury accommodations, as well as fine dining, golf, private beaches, massages, spa treatments, and more.

The activities in Costa Rica are endless – from surfing, to ziplining, to deep sea diving, to simply relaxing on the beach, there is enough to fill up your days for your next vacation, and many more to come.

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring everything that is best about a trip to Costa Rica, as we count down our top ten reasons to visit.

Journey with us through our fair country, as we take you from mountains, to beaches, to jungles and cloud forests, all to bring you the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Soar with us through the rainforest canopy, surf with us through some of the world’s best waves, and join us in learning about some of the world’s most intriguing wildlife. You will learn some fascinating facts about our culture, our natural wonders, and our exciting adventure opportunities, and be inspired to spend a while getting to know Costa Rica better. Stay tuned!

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