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Recovery in Paradise- Medical Tourism and Los Sueños Costa Rica


Los Sueños Resort is the perfect place to recover from any medical procedure in Costa Rica

With rising medical costs and longer wait-times for treatment, many North Americans and Europeans are taking advantage of less expensive treatment overseas. Tiny Costa Rica is a well-respected destination for medical tourism and it’s no accident. Care under Costa Rica’s universal healthcare system is not quite as inexpensive as it once was, but it’s still a very affordable option even after factoring in travel and living expenses.

According to, patients come to Costa Rica seeking a variety of treatments, including dentistry, gynecology, preventive medicine, plastic surgery, orthopedics and bariatrics, as well as general surgery and dermatology. Naturally, the savings vary depending on complexity, patient variables and other considerations but in general it amounts to about half of the cost for the same treatment in the US.

Costa Rica’s healthcare system has an excellent international reputation (ranking ahead of the US according to the World Health Organization). There are many major public hospitals, as well as a number of a top private hospital and clinics, in San Jose. Los Sueños Resort & Marina also has a clinic right on the premises. Nearly all of the doctors, many of whom trained in the United States, speak English.

In 2016, travelers seeking treatment in Costa Rica can reap the benefits of lower fuel prices with great airfare deals to Costa Rica. On average, roundtrip flights hover just at or below the $500 mark. Los Angeles, Houston/Dallas-Ft. Worth and Miami are the primary U.S. gateway cities to and from San José, meaning a flight time of five hours or less.

Typically, you can expect stay in Costa Rica a week or two post-treatment, so you’ll want to recuperate in comfort. A vacation rental or resort destination such as Los Sueños Resort & Marina is a great choice, your team at HRG can easily arrange for daily staff such as a maid, caretaker or even a cook—a real perk when you’re not quite up-to-speed.

In addition, Los Sueños is just an hour’s drive from San José, making it easy to keep follow-up appointments and enjoy the Central Pacific coast at the same time.

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