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Organics in Costa Rica

Must Pack Organic Items for Your Trip to Costa Rica

As well as the Readily Available

organicThough not the 3rd world country scarcity of selection that it used to be, Costa Rica still presents some challenges in getting the organic food items and personal care products you want and love; either because selection is limited or because import taxes make the items you want more expensive than they would be back home in the States or Canada.

For your luxurious vacation in beautiful Los Sueños resort, you’re going to want to pack well and save the spending for fun things like Zip Line Canopy Tours or River Rafting.

Organics to Bring to Costa Rica

Organic Mosquito Repellant

Of course you can get regular mosquito repellant at any grocery store or pharmacy in Costa Rica, but the cost is probably going to be slightly higher than it would be in the States and also, you will be limited to Deet containing repellants; the safer organic repellants will be a bit more pricey and difficult to find, although in Aromas Para El Alma does carry a really wonderful organic repellant spray that contains in Citronella, Rosemary, Geranium and Eucalyptus. You can find it in Automercado,  as well as in many resort or hotel spas around the country. If you want to be sure though, save yourself some time, money and effort by hitting up your local health food store stateside and pick up one those natural, citronella based repellants.

Organic Sunscreen

Finding an organic sunscreen in Costa Rica will definitely be a bit more of a challenge. I found one in a pharmacy one time, but it was outrageously expensive at roughly $50 for the bottle. Do yourself a big big favor and pack one before you leave home. A few good ones that are on the market today are MexiTan and Tropical Sands.

Available Organics in Costa Rica

Organic Fruits and Vegetables of Costa Rica

Organic fruits and vegetables are readily available in Costa Rica, though not in every grocery store; I find the best selection tends to be in AutoMercado. When in San Jose, if you are there on a Saturday, you can hit the local organic farmers market at the Feria Verde de Aranjuez. A quick search on Waze will get you or your taxi driver there quite easily; be sure to show up nice and early so you can get the best things available. You’ll also find plenty of super foods like organic cacao nubs, spirulina, a variety of mushrooms, fresh of the tree noni, and delicious avocados.

Organic Wines of South America

Costa Rica does not produce wine but they do have a trade agreement with Chile and Argentina, where some of the best wines in the world are produced. Auto Mercado, PriceSmart  and Jimmy T’s all carry a small stock of delicious organic malbecs and merlots from South America.

Organic, biodegradable Personal Care Products

Bioland of Costa Rica carries amazing organic and biodegradable personal care products and they can be found in just about any grocery store anywhere in the country. Be kind to the planet and take good care of your body by using Bioland personal care products while you’re in the country.

Aromas Para El Alma also carries a wonderful line of personal care products, essential oils, massage oils and baby care products, though they are, as I said earlier a bit tougher to find.



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