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Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica Vacation Variety

Here at Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica,There is Something for Everyone

Costa Rica is well known for its wide variety of natural ecosystems that give life to many species of flora and fauna. It is known globally for being one of nature’s most bio diverse places in the world. Not only is it diverse in its animal wildlife, but it is diverse in the habitats that that wildlife inhabits. From rainforest to deciduous forest, to mountain range to the beach with palm trees; not many places possess a variety like this.

This variety is echoed in the plethora of ways to take part in nature’s bounty here. We have ways to relax and enjoy the scenery and ways to get active and go for the adrenaline rush. Our relaxing activities include:

  • Dolphin and whale tours
  • Coffee plantation tours
  • A day at the spa
  • Lazy river tubing
  • Boat tours of the island
  • Beach combing
  • Playing in the surf
  • Golfing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding

When it’s a more active day you want, feel free to check out our many adventure tour days or just book an activity yourself. Our many ways to get your exercise and feel the excitement of Costa Rica include:

  • Sport Fishing – Take a day trip to the open ocean with an experienced angling crew. Your captain and the crew will teach you all there is to know about fighting a fish on the reel and bringing it in. You are in for a day of fun in the sun on this adventure tour so bring your sunscreen and your muscles for hauling in your gigantic catch.
  • Rappelling down cliffs and waterfalls – Who would have ever thought to rappel down a waterfall? The locals here in Costa Rica thought it would be fun and it turns out that so do a lot of our visitors!
  • Zip lining – This fun activity can be done by kids about age 10 and up to adults as long as everyone is healthy. You’ll be harnessed to a cable and pushed zipping off through the trees, getting a monkey’s view of the underside of the jungle’s canopy. Your zip line will also have you flying over rainforest rivers allowing you a bird’s eye view of the river predators below.
  • Hiking the jungle – Get up close and personal with the jungle floor’s wildlife from bright yellow snakes to neon green frogs, you will love the sights and sounds of the jungle.
  • Jet skiing – Rent our jet skis for an hour or a day and have fun playing in the waves! Those with heart conditions are encouraged not to play, as this can be an exerting activity.
  • Crocodile Tours –Although riding a boat through or walking a bridge over a family of hungry crocodiles may not take much physical effort, it could still be a pulse pounding experience.
  • The Eco-Canopy tour – The eco-canopy tour is much like the traditional canopy tour, a wire basket drawing you and your friends or family through the jungle on a magnificent jungle ride so that you can see and hear the scarlet macaws and playful monkeys all around you in the trees. The only difference is that the eco tour is not motorized. You are the motor. Your muscles pull your group along on this tour. Exercise is guaranteed on this trip.
  • Mountain biking – What biker wouldn’t love to fly down a mountainside, through rainforest foliage, down narrow trails and over jungle streams. This is a mountain biker’s dream come true.

Whether you’ve had a glorious day at the spa or just returned from biking a mountain or catching “The Big One”, HRG’s rental services will have you spending the night in luxury. There is something for everyone here in Costa Rica.

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