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Fishing Report July 31, 2014

EPIC Fishing Reports for the end of July 2014

By Sharon Mora

TEAM BLUE EAGLEHere is the last report of the season totals that we got from Captain James Temple of the CAROL LIBBY.

The CAROL LIBBY’s home base is Los Sueños Resort & Marina, and for those who don’t know, they broke the world record of MOST BLUE MARLIN RELEASED IN 1 DAY, while fishing out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina.

From February 2014 to beginning of July 2014, the CAROL LIBBY fished a total of 62 days and its crew raised 926 Blue Marlin, got 773 Blue Marlin bites and Released 553 Blue Marlin. The last report that we got from them was last week, when Captain Josh temple posted in his facebook page   ‘’Adios amigos! Fresh off the oil and filter change bus and headed out for more. It’s NEVER enough!!!

Between July 18th and 25th,  Bob DeGabrielle and the crew of  SOUTHPAW  raised 142 Blue Marlin had 107 bites and caught 72.

During the same week our friends and clients from BLUE EAGLE  saw 72 had 61 bites and released 21 BLUE MARLINS in just two days of fishing.

On July 25th, the SEA ANGEL was out fishing, and they reported 23 Blue Marlin in just ONE day of fishing , I will have totals for you in my next report.

There is no doubt that out of Los Sueños  Marina we have  the  best fishing  for BLUE Marlin in the world! No one that we are aware of is doing these numbers. Currently many of our clients, and friends, are out  fishing- I cant wait  to hear  their reports!

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