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2nd Home Real Estate in Los Sueños Costa Rica


You can’t go wrong with a 2nd home purchase in Los Sueños Costa Rica

Looking to buy a second home overseas? When it comes to value, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than a villa or condo in Costa Rica’s Los Sueños Resort.

With access to the rainforest and the beach and a location central to shopping, dining and exciting outdoor adventures, Los Sueños is in a perfect location for those looking to own a piece of tropical paradise. What’s more, the resort offers amazing amenities, including 12 restaurants, a world-class golf course, two spas, and a 200-slip marina.

But it’s not just location and amenities that give Los Sueños properties their great value. We’ve compiled the top reasons that buying your second home here is a wise investment.

Passive Income

Perhaps you would like to purchase a future retirement home, with plans to use it as a vacation home for now. While you are not using your home for your own vacations, you can rent it out. The rent will help pay for your mortgage, and possibly even net you added income.

Vacation Savings

Rather than spending a small fortune on accommodations throughout the year as you vacation in Costa Rica, you’ll have a ready-made place to enjoy, with no added expense. You will also own it, which makes it an appreciable asset – unlike shelling out money for a rental property that you will see no return on.

Reasonable Home Prices

Homes in Los Sueños sell for a much lower price than similar locales around the world. While you might spend upwards of $2 million on a luxury property with similar locations and amenities in the United States, Europe, or even Mexico, it’s not uncommon to find a spacious luxury home on or near the beach in Los Sueños for half the amount or less.

Savings on Travel Fare

Los Sueños, Costa Rica is closer to the United States than many other popular travel, expat and retirement destinations, so you are sure to pay less in airfare.


While they are still affordable, home prices in Costa Rica are rising, meaning that you’ll develop equity in your home quickly, and you are sure to get a good return on your investment.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is lower in Costa Rica than it is in the United States. If you do decide to retire here, your money will go farther.

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