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2016 Los Sueños Triple Crown Billfish Tournament Leg II


The results are in for leg II of the 2016 LSRM Triple Crown!

With a whopping 2,754 billfish (2,753 sails and 1 marlin), Leg II’s cumulative totals put the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Series in the record books (surpassing final numbers for the 2014 and 2015 tournaments). The standings so far put Sea Angel in second place overall with 15,800 points; Fish Tank in third with 15,300 and Tranquilo, with 15,000 points, still very much in contention. A good haul in Leg III could clinch it for any of the top four—especially if the marlin are taking the bait in March.

Day 3 saw Agitator hold on to its lead with the top catch of the leg (8,700 points) to take first place in the series with 16,300 points. In a three-way tie for second place for Leg II, Pelese, Spanish Fly and Sea Angel recorded 8,600 points each and HRG’s own Team Jaruco in third with 8,300 points. Day 3 also saw Reel Joy reel in the only marlin for Leg II.

At the close of the first day of Leg II of, the day’s catch (and release) totaled 1,103 sailfish, compared to Leg I’s Day 1 total of 708 sails. Fish Tank and Pelese docked in a tie for first with 37 sails apiece. Hot on their heels were Pescadora (36 sails), Jaruco (35 sails) and Sea Angel (33 sails). Remarkably, none of 43 boats competing in this leg of series landed a single marlin. Tranquilo, Leg I’s first-place finisher, reeled in just 20 sails to finish the day mid-pack, dropping them to third place.

The total catch on for Day 2 was 932 sails and still no marlin. However, the cumulative total for Leg II, with a day’s fishing left, surpassed Leg I’s total of 1,961 billfish. Agitator took the day with 34 sails and the overall lead with 14,200 points. Based on cumulative totals, Fish Tank docked in second for the tournament with 13,500, and Sea Angel ranks an overall third with 13,400 points. Tranquilo, the Leg I winner, was a strong fourth place with 12,500 points and Tijereta in fifth with 12,300. 

The 2016 Triple Crown is already one for the record books, with Leg III still to come. The anglers are gearing up for the finish, which runs March 30 through April 2; check then for live updates and final standings.


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