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1st Leg Winners of the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown

Los Sueños Marina
An Early Morning Start- Image courtesy of Pepper

Congrats TRANQUILO! 1st place in Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Leg I

With the official results on the scoreboard, fireworks and high spirits marked team Tranquilo’s first place finish of Leg 1 of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Saturday, Jan. 23.

Sponsored by Chantilly Air and Los Sueños Resort and Marina, 44 boats brought in 1,961 billfish, 1,946 sails and 15 marlin over three days’ fishing. Agitator finished in second, while Fish Tank edged out Sea Angel for third.

Tranquilo, out of Quepos, finished Leg 1 with a total of 8,100 points for 66 sails and 3 marlin. After a modest start on Day 1 (19 sails and 1marlin), Team Tranquilo out fished the competition by hooking marlin when few of the other boats could get a nibble and rack up the big points. One of the hottest teams in sport fishing now, Tranquilo’s homeport advantage is paying off. The team finished 2015 with almost $3 million in prize money.

Agitator started strong and remained consistent over the three days, reeling in 7,600 points for 76 sails. With no marlin in the bag, Agitator just couldn’t overcome Tranquilo’s 3 marlin advantage. Likewise, Fish Tank paid the price for missing the big pointers, earning 7,300 points for 7,300 sails.

Fourth-place Sea Angel just missed third with a poor catch on the final day, only 19 sails after leading at the end of Day 1 with 2,700 points for 27 sails. Sea Angel’s single marlin wasn’t quite enough to make up the difference—Sea Angel finished with 7,200 points for a total of 67 sails and 1 marlin.

Tijereta took the Day 2 honors with 35 sails and 3,500 points, while High Hook was the Day 3 winner with 18 sails and 3 marlin for 3,300 points.

The 2016 Triple Crown is shaping up to justify the area’s top spot on The Billfish Report’s Top 10 Billfisheries of 2015. Said the report: “The numbers speak for themselves … From this fishery alone we had the single best day in the world on sailfish with Sea Angel releasing 82 … the single best day in the world on Blue Marlin, with the Parranda releasing 18 … the most Grand Slams released in any fishery with fifteen (15) including four (4) that came from a single trip on the Fish Tank.”

The teams are back at Los Suenos Feb. 24, for Leg 2 of the Triple Crown; here’s hopin’ for tight lines.


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