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10 Reasons To Buy Vacation Property in Los Sueños, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Jungle Beach

Los Sueños is the Best Place to Buy a Vacation Home-

Here are our top 10 reason why:


L111. Close proximity to North America.

With direct flights from several major hubs in the United States, Costa Rica is just a hop, skip, and a jump at 3 to 7 hours in flight.  From North America, Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Grupo Taca, JetBlue, Spirit Air, United, and US Airways all have regular direct flights and rates are typically extremely affordable.

2. Far enough away from the city to really enjoy nature, but close enough for convenience. 

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is just over an hour outside of the Capital of San Jose, Costa Rica, making it super convenient for shopping and services. With good roads and the infrastructure needed to have all the conveniences in life, the resort is still situated smack in the middle of prime rainforest, right on the Central Pacific coast.

3. Los Sueños Costa Rica has all the services and amenities you could think of, and more.

One could potentially never leave the resort and have the most amazing vacation- or lifestyle- imaginable. The Marina village offers access to banking, groceries, a home design store, liquor, wine and cigar shops, an ice cream and pastry parlor, and 4 restaurants. Within the resort there is a full service clinic, a car rental center, an 18 hole championship golf course designed by Ted Robinson, a 200 slip marina, several fitness centers, a beach club, the Marriott Hotel with all of its services and amenities, and even a cigar lounge. Just outside the resort, homeowners and visitors will find laundry services, a huge grocery store, plenty of entertainment and dining options, and just about anything else you can think of that might be offered in any beachside town anywhere in the world.

4. Affordable Luxury

A spacious ocean view condo or villa right on the golf greens comes at a fraction of what the same thing would cost in the United States or even more upscale coastal areas of Mexico or the Caribbean.

5. Nature, beauty and adventure right at your fingertips

Jungle meets ocean, plus flora and fauna; there isn’t much lacking at Los Sueños Resort and Marina. One can choose to relax in a hammock and stare out at the ocean, hit a few on the tennis court or golf course, or fly through the jungle canopy on a zipline. From surfing, to sport fishing to white water river rafting or ATVing, there is plenty to explore, discover and do right in the area.

6. It’s a great investment.

Property values have been steadily climbing since we started making our way upward and out of the housing bubble implosion of 2008, and this is an exciting investment to make. One that can help pay for itself by renting it out to vacationers, this investment will deliver on a lifetime of memories and happy times not only for you and your family, but also for others.

7. Property management is easy- set it and forget it.

With HRG in charge of your investment, you can rest assured that your vacation condo or villa will be well taken care of and, if you want, be put into the rental pool to be marketed and rented out to vacationers when you are not in residence. All you have to do is sit back, collect the rents, and enjoy your beautiful vacation home when you are in town.

8. You always have a place for friends and family to enjoy.

Never again will you struggle to find the perfect accommodations for your vacations in Costa Rica; your vacation home will be cared for and waiting for you whenever you, your friends or your family wants a place to escape to in paradise.

9. There is something for everyone

Mom can hit the spa, while dad heads for the golf course and teens go surfing. Sport fishing trips are always fun for the whole family, an exciting nightlife in nearby Jaco leaves nothing to be desired, and nothing beats sand castle building for kids at the beach club.

For those who like to eat, there are dozens and dozens of amazing restaurants to choose from both in the resort and outside of it.

Regardless of whether relaxation or adventure is on your agenda, you will never be disappointed when you are in Los Sueños, Costa Rica.

10. You could be all set for retirement.

Who says Florida is the place to retire? Los Sueños offers all that Miami has to offer and more. Better yet, that golden nest egg will go much further in Costa Rica given the low cost of medical care, domestic help, local produce and housing.

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